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Vitaly Shishov: Belarus activist feared for life before he died

Vitaly Shishov: Belarus activist feared for life before he died

Vitaly Shishov’s body was discovered a day after he neglected to get back from a run. Police have opened a homicide request.

“We arranged a coexistence,” Bazhena Zholudzh told the BBC’s Newshour. “He just couldn’t leave me like this.”

Ms Zholudzh said her accomplice had recently voiced worries about their security.

Nonetheless, she had disregarded them.

“He used to sit by the window and say he saw vehicles coming all through the yard. I didn’t view it in a serious way,” she clarified. “I said, ‘Possibly you’re jumpy. Who might be keen on us?’ But perhaps he had a type of a feeling.”

Mr Shishov – the top of the Belarusian House in Ukraine (BHU), a gathering helping individuals who escaped Belarus – was found hanged in a recreation center in Ukraine’s capital Kyiv on Tuesday.

His demise has again focused on Belarus, which has been managed by Alexander Lukashenko since 1994. Last year, cross country fights over his contested re-appointment were viciously curbed by Belarusian security powers.

Recently the Belarusian government caused a global clamor over the confinement of resistance Belarusian columnist Roman Protasevich and his sweetheart.

The Ryanair plane they were going on was constrained by contender planes to redirect and land in Belarus.

Addressing Newshour’s Tim Franks, Ms Zholudzh said she had not seen Mr Shishov upon the arrival of his vanishing: “I woke up and he was at that point gone. His running garments had gone.”

“I haven’t been permitted to see the body to bid farewell to him since I’m not his lawful spouse,” she added.

Police in Ukraine are examining whether the lobbyist ended his own life, or was killed with his passing made to look like self destruction. The United Nations has said his demise adds another level to “our stresses over what’s going on in Belarus”.

As per Ms Zholudzh, Mr Shishov had played it safe while living in Ukraine, for example, capturing the number plates of vehicles and dubious individuals he saw around Kyiv. He didn’t address police, she said, yet he had been in touch with the Ukrainian security administrations.

“They revealed to him that we should watch out for each other in the event that something occurred and they may attempt to return someone to Belarus.”

She portrayed her late sweetheart as “the best individual I’ve at any point met”.

“He was consistently merry,” she said. “At the point when we came to Ukraine, he generally ensured that each and every individual who came was protected, that they were OK. He ensured there weren’t secret cops among individuals who came.

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