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Nicaragua: Police raid offices of La Prensa newspaper

Nicaragua: Police raid offices of La Prensa newspaper

Photos on La Prensa’s site show revolt police entering the structure and boxes of materials being taken out.

Columnists said web access and power were cut during the attack.

Police said they were exploring charges of customs misrepresentation and illegal tax avoidance by the paper’s supervisors.

La Prensa is claimed by the group of Christiana Chamorro, a high-profile lawmaker who was kept two months prior subsequent to declaring she would run against President Ortega in November’s races. Other official hopefuls have additionally been kept.

On Thursday, the paper said it was suspending its print version since specialists had wouldn’t deliver imports of newsprint.

Supportive of government media sources distributed pictures of the paper’s stockrooms which they said showed it had no motivation to stop the print adaptation.

Trench 4 posted via web-based media: “In the stockrooms of La Prensa paper there is bountiful writing material accessible so the organization can keep printing its paper.”

La Prensa staff demanded that there was insufficient paper in the structure to print even one release.

Proofreader in-boss Eduardo Enríquez disclosed to Reuters news organization that staff had been kept from utilizing their cell phones during Friday’s strike.

Resistance to Mr Ortega, who is as of now serving his fourth term in office, has been filling lately.

In 2018, mass enemy of government fights moved through the nation yet were met with a brutal police reaction. Hundreds were killed and thousands harmed in the conflicts, with nonconformists on one side, and the security powers and supportive of government state army on the other.

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