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Afghan conflict: Taliban control all key cities except Kabul

Afghan conflict: Taliban control all key cities except Kabul

On Sunday the assailants assumed responsibility for Jalalabad, a key eastern city, without a battle.

It followed the capture of the public authority’s northern stronghold of Mazar-I-Sharif simply a day sooner.

The fast breakdown of government powers has passed on President Ashraf Ghani constrained to leave.

He seems to confront an unmistakable decision between give up or a battle to hold the capital.

In the mean time, the US has started emptying individuals from staff from its government office in Kabul. On Sunday morning they were being taken to the air terminal where they have been seen loading up six enormous military vehicle planes. The US has conveyed 5,000 soldiers to assist with the activity.

President Joe Biden has shielded his choice to raise the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, saying he was unable to legitimize an “perpetual American presence in another country’s considerate clash”.

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