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Keen: One Girl Army Free PC Download

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About Keen: One Girl Army Free PC Download

Guide Kim, a cantankerous young lady raised by her grandma to spare the world on her excursion to prevent an insidious mystery society from devastating her town. Creative controls and liquid ongoing interaction permit players to pick their own movement, regardless of whether quick as a hack’n’slash or methodic as chess. It’s new ongoing interaction to an exemplary sort – moving and assaulting are something very similar!

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Keen: One Girl Army Free PC Download, kim is a flawless 8 year old young lady that lives in a serene isolated island with her grandma. Deserted by her mom not long after birth, she should set complaints aside to zero in on something of absolute significance – Kim is the most youthful relative of a heredity of female heroes and her preparation is going to start. The pink heart on the cheeks is their skin coloration and the insurance of Village, their obligation. Following a path of programmed flunkies and innovative robot warriors, she would before long wind up in the center of a global control plot carried on by an insidious mystery society!

Sharp’s primary development lies in its turn-based development and assault mechanics. Slide our little legend vertically and evenly to move her around puzzly rooms, or to slice through adversaries with her powerful sharp edge. Battle depends on accuracy arranging of foe position – a new interpretation of the strategies type.

You star as Kim, a young lady who stumbles over an amazing weapon and continues to travel through various prison like stages to spare her town. Moving around the matrix based conditions, you slide her over the stage, setting up opportunities to assault foes, address roadblocks, and unravel puzzles. The delicate idea of the initial not many stages makes it simple to adapt to the whimsies of this style. Your fundamental objective is to simply clear the level, yet rewards can be picked up by finishing it in a specific number of moves or not taking harm. In view of that, Keen has a tad of accentuation on replaying levels to clear every goal.

Keen: One Girl Army

While the initial go through every one of the dynamically more intricate and testing levels is fun, I didn’t discover replaying them for full consummation to be as pleasant. A ton of this game brings to mind any semblance of Slayaway Camp, a game I went gaga for when it came to Switch in 2018.

Keen: One Girl Army Free PC Download bring it up on the grounds that Slayaway Camp has a comparative novel methodology in working off of the sliding riddle idea, yet it has considerably more of an exact concentration than Keen, with short, replayable riddles that are all the more compensating to totally sort out. I like that Keen goes for the moon by handling more many-sided levels and adding more wrinkles to this thought, however before its finish, it appeared to disintegrate under its own weight.

This shouldn’t imply that a portion of its striking augmentations to the equation don’t pay off. Supervisor fights that may appear to be conventional from a visual sense have a decent contort by utilizing the turn-based tile-moving mechanics. Supervisors become intriguing riddles that really test your strategic abilities. Foes with exceptional developments and insidious stunts make managing various zones extreme. Indeed, even beside battle, sorting out the ecological riddles is a test.

In any case, presently we’re back to a portion of the general swell. There’s frequently a great deal going on in Keen, and regardless of whether it’s all coming from the opportune spot of creativity, it can wear on the general insight. I hold returning to how these tile-moving games are based on overhauling your procedure for ideal arrangements and how the general length of levels makes that less charming.

Keen: One Girl Army Free PC Download is a slick, fun game that remains all alone by combining sliding riddle interactivity with turn-based strategies and some light prison investigation. While it’s not as replayable as it wishes it very well may be, it’s as yet a charming riddle game regardless of whether it very well may be somewhat much now and again. In case you’re searching for something that improves on riddle games in a similar vein as Hatsworth, Puzzle Quest, or Slayaway Camp, Keen’s the game for you, yet it probably won’t hit the highs of those games.

PC Requirements

  • OS: Windows XP SP2
  • Storage: 2 GB available space
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Processor: Dual Core or equivalent
  • Graphics: Intel HD graphics 4000

Released Date

According to the latest news, this amazing game was released on 2021. You must have a look at the full version of this amazing game and download it quickly from here to enjoy yourself.

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