Twin Mirror: The Psychological Game 2020

Twin Mirror: The Psychological Game 2020

About Game

Twin Mirror is a forthcoming experience game created and distributed by Dontnod Entertainment and co-delivered by Shibuya Productions.

Twin Mirror is an undertaking game played from a third-individual view. Players control the analytical columnist Sam, who has gotten back to his old neighborhood of Basswood, West Virginia. The earth is intuitive and its articles are possible. Whom Sam addresses is discretionary and, in view of the condition of his examination, there are various endings to open. Players explore between this present reality and Sam’s “Brain Palace” to find hints. Sam’s inward voice, the Double, may help or mischief the examination.

Twin Mirror


Lose yourself in a rich, complicated storyline secured in the coarse truth of humble community America. As his examination advances, Sam will reveal a trap of interest that breezes through Basswood’s suggestive areas and attracts its bright inhabitants.


A similar deductive thinking and memory representation abilities that made Sam such a cultivated analytical columnist can assist him with unraveling this puzzle. Remake key occasions, return to his past and more to open reality covered profound inside his interesting psyche.


Each choice, each collaboration, each disclosure will impact the course of Sam’s examination and eventually decide the amount of himself he will forfeit. There are no correct answers – simply follow your impulses and qualities to finish your story.

Release Date

It is set to be delivered in December 2020 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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