Rivals of Aether Free PC Download Full Version 2022

Rivals of Aether Free PC Download

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About Rivals of Aether Free PC Download

Rivals of Aether Free PC Download is a non mainstream battling game set in our current reality where fighting developments call the force of Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. Pick a Rival to bring into the combat zone and control the forces of the traditional components and creature development. Applauded for its serious interactivity and concentrated preparing apparatuses, Rivals of Aether is the ideal section to the Platform Fighter class.

Zetterburn, a child of the decision group of the Firelands, is an accomplished and solidified hero. In fight, Zetterburn utilizes no weapons aside from his well honed hooks and capacity to control fire.

Consume DAMAGE – Zetterburn’s extraordinary assaults can set rivals ablaze, causing them extra harm over the long haul.

Rapidly spreading fire – Zetterburn’s Down Special spots flares on the stage. These flares stay for a while, consuming any adversaries who interact with them.

FIRE AMP – When an adversary is consuming, Zetterburn’s Strong Attacks can assimilate the blazes and dispatch the consumed foe twice as far, making for a successful executing blow.

PUDDLE TELEPORTATION – Orcane makes a puddle with his Neutral Special or Down Special. He would then be able to transport to his puddle utilizing his Up Special as a ground-breaking vertical blow or a powerful recuperation when dispatched off the stage.

Air pocket EVAPORATION – Orcane can transform his puddle into a mainstay of air pockets with his Down Special to trap foes over the puddle.

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WATER AMP – When remaining on top of his puddle, Orcane can devour the water under him to perform ground-breaking Strong Attacks with far more noteworthy reach and knockback.

WINGED FLIGHT – Wrastor can bounce multiple times, making him inconceivable at controlling the air and recuperating from the hardest falls in any event, when things look bleak.

WIND CURRENT – Wrastor can make a Wind Current with his Forward Special, permitting him to move quicker inside it and pursue his objectives all the more viably.

Elevated ACE – Wrastor plays out his charged Strong Attacks noticeable all around rather than on the ground, a first for this type.

ROCK HURL – Kragg can haul a stone out of the ground and heave it at rivals. After it leaves his hands, the stone turns into a strong piece of stage that either Kragg or different players can break.

Safeguard BALL – Kragg can twist into a ball and move toward adversaries. Despite the fact that he can be harmed while in ball structure, he can’t be thumped away.

EARTH PILLAR – Kragg can gather a mainstay of earth to his feet paying little heed to where he is. On the off chance that Kragg is going to tumble to his demise, this move can rapidly turn his circumstance around.

Distraction – Forsburn can utilize his Neutral Special to darken the war zone permitting Forsburn to stay covered up inside a haze of smoke.

Bait – Through his Forward Special, Forsburn can make a smoke copy of himself that can assault adversaries. The deceptive Forsburn breaks into smoke subsequent to being hit by a solitary assault.

Burn-through/COMBUST – By utilizing his Down Special, Forsburn can devour his smoke mists once again into his body. In the wake of devouring three mists, Forsburn is energized and can use Down Special again to combust: thumping rivals away at high velocity.

Rivals of Aether

WATCHER’S MARK – Maypul can utilize her Seeds or her Watcher’s Dash to check rivals, making them vulnerable to her after assaults.

WRAPPED UP – After denoting her objectives, Maypul can utilize her Strong Attacks or her trusty Plant to enclose stamped rivals by place permitting her to circle back to another assault.

SLING SHOT – Maypul can utilize her plants to sling toward stamped rivals, permitting her to escape assaults and rapidly close distances.

CLOUD CONTROL – Absa can put a cloud utilizing her Neutral or Forward Special. This cloud lingers palpably until Absa blasts it by tapping her Neutral Special and thumping adversaries away.

Thunderclap – Absa can charge her Neutral Special to make an amazing lightning impact that interfaces her to her cloud. All adversaries got between the two will be thumped away at high velocities.

Dense STORM – Absa centers the force of a lightning jolt to the tip of her foot. In the event that she can arrange one of her elevated kicks impeccably, she releases incredible force.

Toxin STACKS – Ranno’s Specials Strong Attacks and Jab Combo apply up to four toxic stacks on his rivals. These stacks harm adversaries when they assault and can be eliminated by hitting Ranno.

Poisonous TRAP – Ranno’s Neutral Special and Down Special can put his adversaries in a Toxic Bubble Trap that makes it simpler for Ranno to combo. The time span in the snare relies upon the quantity of Poison Stacks on the rival.

Toxic substance SPIN – Ranno’s recuperation onto stage has three alternatives. He starts it with a Poison Lunge that is fast and thumps rivals away. After the jump he can rapidly Poison Kick down onto the stage with another snappy strike. Or then again he can utilize the Posion Spin to fire out a variety of Posion Darts in numerous ways.

IONIZED TIP – Unlike different warriors from the future, Clairen controls her sharp edge to be two-conditioned. The finish of Clairen’s blade is super-charged, permitting her to daze adversaries who are hit exactly with the tip.

PLASMA ECHO – Clairen runs forward with her Side Special to rapidly get away. The lethal plasma reverberation gave up can harm adversaries and even KO rivals with its sweet spot.

ENERGY FIELD – Performing a Down Special just before an assault hits Clairen will trigger her energy field. This field harms and drives different Rivals away while invalidating all shots that attempt to enter it.

UNTAMED GROWTH – Sylvanos spreads grass as he goes around. The grass leaves if Sylvanos is away from it for a really long time. Sylvanos can use Down Special to consider Plants Rise and harm any rivals remaining on grass.

SEED SHOT – Sylvanos’ Neutral Special discharge a dangerous seed into the air. In the event that it hits an adversary it will secure them, yet on the off chance that it arrives at the ground, at that point it will plant a blossom that keeps a perpetual installation of grass on that ground or stage until it is decimated.

PC Requirements

  • OS: Microsoft® Windows® 7 / 8 / 10
  • Processor: 1.2GHz processor
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 300 MB available space
  • Graphics: DirectX Compatible graphics card with at least 32MB of video memory

Released Date

According to the latest news, this amazing game was released on 2022. You must have a look at the full version of this amazing game and download it quickly from here to enjoy yourself.

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