How to Safely Clean a Dirty Headphone Jack or Aux Port

How to Safely Clean a Dirty Headphone Jack or Aux Port

Having a touch of security when you are in a public spot or with individuals around is something worth being thankful for. At the point when you need to mess around, watch motion pictures, or converse with somebody via telephone, you can partake in a private second utilizing earphones. You should simply connect your headphone to the jack or aux port of your PC or cell phone.

All things considered, your earphone jacks get messy over the long run. The aux port is one of the most uncovered pieces of your telephone or PC since you can’t cover it. There is soil and residue that gets aggregated and stopped up in due time. The best thing you want to do is spotless your earphone jack.

Why Clean your Dirty Headphone Jack or Aux Port

Not a many individuals might mind their earphone jack or aux port on their cell phone. However long it is turned out great, it isn’t anything to trouble their day. Yet, what happens when you begin to get sound issues? There are times when you experience irregular sound while thinking carefully.

Now and again, your headphones may at this point not fit the aux port. Your telephone is additionally inclined to stall out in earphone mode. Not cleaning your earphone jack may likewise prompt snapping and separation of your earphone and cell phone. Be that as it may, keeping it in perfect condition will have a significant effect in execution.

Techniques to Clean your Phone or Computer Headphone Jack or Aux Port Properly and Safely

Luckily, a few arrangements and ways that will assist you with cleaning your grimy earphone jack or aux port appropriately and all the more securely. A few clients probably shouldn’t contact their aux port to forestall harms to their iPhone or Android telephone. It could be valid yet in the event that you want to clean your earphone jack, you need to do it cautiously.

Solution #1 – Use a Cotton Swab or Q-Tips
Get a spotless and dry q-tip or q-tips. Ensure there are no soil and no free cotton filaments around it. Utilize the q-tip or qtip to delicately eliminate bits of soil or little dust storms that have amassed in your earphone jack.

Solution #2 – Remove Dirt Using an Interdental Brush
Interdental brushes are effectively accessible in general stores and odds and ends shops. You can likewise get this thing on Amazon. The fibers are adequate to eliminate soil found inside your aux port. You can moist the fibers with scouring liquor. Try not to splash it. Over and again embed the brush inside the earphone jack and bend it tenderly to take the residue and soil out.

Solution #3 – Clean the Headphone Jack with Air Dusters
In the event that you have an air duster at home, you can utilize it to clean your earphone jack. The compressed air will assist you with eliminating the soil. In any case, you really want to do it effectively any other way, it will harm your aux port.

Place your air dusters a couple of centimeters from your earphone jack. Direct the spout toward your aux port and tenderly let the air out.

Solution #4 – Apply the Tape and Paper Clip Method
Get a paper cut and unbend it until you get a practically straight line.
Wrap the paper cut with the tape safely. Try to put the tacky side out.
Delicately embed the taped paper cut inside your earphone jack.
Gradually wind the paper clasp to clean your aux port.

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