How to complete the Rain Man Challenge in BitLife


To finish the Rain Man Challenge in BitLife, players should accomplish the main principle objective

  • Get a Memory Score of 25+ on the memory test

Start by making any person from any nation of your decision, and afterward follow the means clarified in the graph underneath.

Objective How to Complete it

Get a Memory Score of 25+ on the memory test : To complete the objective, you will need to start the Memory Test mini-game under the Mind & Body tab. Activities > Mind & Body > Memory Tab. The mini-game is about remembering the color pattern and repeating the inputs. Since you have to secure a score of 25+, you will need to play more than 10+ rounds. It might be hard in the beginning to understand the pattern, but it will get easier as you grind and play. Finish the mini-game successfully to complete the Rain Man challenge in BitLife.

Keep in mind, choosing a person with high smarts won’t make the test simpler as it rotates around your capacity to finish the scaled down game effectively.

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