WoW Classic Disenchanting Guide


Enchanting is one of the most worthwhile and accommodating callings in the World of Warcraft. However, how would you get the parts? This is the place where the ability of Disenchanting becomes possibly the most important factor.


Disenchanting is genuinely straightforward. It is the capacity to separate mystical items into discrete parts utilized in the formation of charmed items and stuff. The materials got from embittering fluctuate, contingent upon the uncommonness of the enchanted thing being upset and the thing’s level. To embitter a thing, utilize the Disenchant expertise found in your spellbook on any unprecedented, uncommon, or epic stuff. On the off chance that you begin disillusioning a thing inadvertently, moving or hitting the break button will drop it.

Disenchanting Caution

While Disenchanting is an incredible method for supporting your enchanting level, you should be wary. When a thing has been embittered, it is obliterated forever. So except if you are certain that the items being referred to can’t be sold, or exchanged for other captivating materials, clutch them. Most items that you get from embittering can likewise be bought at the sale house or explicit merchants.

Items got from Disenchanting

Uncommon/Green items

  • Weird Dust: Level 5 to 25
  • Soul Dust: Level 26 to 35
  • Vision Dust: Level 36 to 45
  • Dream Dust: Level 46 to 55
  • Deception Dust: Level 56 to 60
  • Lesser Magic Essence: Level 16 to 25
  • More prominent Magic Essence: Level 16 to 25
  • Lesser Astral Essence: Level 21 to 25
  • More prominent Astral Essence: Level 26 to 30
  • Lesser Mystic Essence: Level 31 to 35
  • More prominent Mystic Essence: Level 36 to 40
  • Lesser Nether Essence: Level 41 to 45
  • More prominent Nether Essence: Level 46 to 50
  • Lesser Eternal Essence: Level 51 to 55
  • More prominent Eternal Essence: Level 56 to 60

Rare/Blue Items

  • Little Glimmering Shard: Level 16 to 25
  • Huge Glimmering Shard: Level 26 to 30
  • Little Glowing Shard: Level 31 to 35
  • Huge Glowing Shard: Level 36 to 40
  • Little Radiant Shard: Level 40 to 45
  • Huge Radiant Shard: Level 46 to 50
  • Little Brilliant Shard: Level 51 to 55
  • Huge Brilliant Shard: Level 56 to 60

Epic/Purple Items

  • Nexus Crystal: Level 56 to 60
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