Top 20 Richest Boxers Ranked by Their Net Worth 2022


The 20 most extravagant fighters on the planet as per their total assets can be found underneath. Each of the competitors recorded are forces to be reckoned with inside the ring, yet one of the names included may lift the circulatory strain of in-your-face boxing fans.

Top 20 Richest Boxers

We have assembled data from an assortment of sources like Forbes, The Richest, and Celebrity Net Worth to decide the total assets of boxing’s most extravagant rivals.

Prior to starting to peruse the main 20 most extravagant fighters, would you be able to figure which dynamic contenders advanced onto the rundown?

Miguel Cotto

Total assets: $25 Million

Miguel Cotto is a Puerto Rican fighter who contended in four different weight classes between the years 2001 and 2017. He amassed a record of 41-6, with eminent triumphs over Shane Mosley and Paulie Malignaggi.

For battling Floyd Mayweather Jr. in 2012, Cotto procured a $8 million check, which was raised to $10 million after pay-per-view deals were figured in.

Besides, Cotto made a tote of $15 million for battling Saul Alvarez in 2015. Besides, the fighter rounded up more than $20 million for a long time tracing all the way back to 2009.

Jake Paul

Total assets: $30 Million

As of now, we have arrived at the warrior who might make stalwart boxing fans’ head spin with rage a little. The YouTuber turned proficient fighter is 5-0 with four completes up to this point in his profession.

As per MMA Junkie, Paul brought back home a $2 million check for battling Tyron Woodley the subsequent time. Purportedly, Paul counted generally $10 million for battling Nate Robinson in November 2020.

Obviously, Paul makes millions from his online media accounts as well as his presence on YouTube. He additionally holds supports with DraftKings, BooHooMan, and several different brands.

Felix Trinidad

Total assets: $30 Million

Felix Trinidad contended expertly from 1990 to 2008, hoarding a record of 42-3 with a success over Oscar De La Hoya.

Truth be told, Trinidad made a dependable tote of $8.5 million for overcoming De La Hoya. Furthermore, he rounded up $15 million for confronting Roy Jones Jr. in January 2008.

At a certain point, advertiser Don King offered Trinidad $15 million to rematch Barnard Hopkins, however the session won’t ever appear.

Anthony Mundine

Total assets: $30 Million

Anthony Mundine is an Australian master fighter who contended from 2000 as far as possible up until 2021. His record of 48-11 included prevails upon Shane Mosley and Garth Wood.

In a past meeting with the Daily Mail, Munidne detailed that he had made $34 million off of boxing and that he had contributed it genuinely well.

Throughout the long term, Mundine has benefitted off of the housing market as well as his donning image “Boxa”.

Naseem Hamed

Total assets: $33 Million

Sovereign Naseem didn’t have the longest profession (1992-2002), yet it sure was prevailing, bragging a close wonderful record 36-1.

In the wake of resigning, Hamed sent off his organization called Naseem Hamed Enterprises. In addition, he started overseeing warriors and buying properties.

Strangely, Hamed’s land portfolio has an expected worth of $93 million and he even purchased each of the houses on one road.

Ricky Hatton

Total assets: $40 Million

Hatton battled expertly from 1997 to 2012, preceding changing into advancing and preparing. His greatest successes were over Jose Luis Castillo and Paulie Malignaggi.

For battling Mayweather in 2007, Hatton procured a check of $10 million. Then, at that point, he made generally $8 million for confronting Manny Pacquaio in 2009. Presently, he’s bringing in cash through advancing and preparing warriors.

Bernard Hopkins

Total assets: $40 Million

Bernard Hopkins is a title holder fighter who battled expertly from 1988 to 2016. Hopkins crushed any semblance of Roy Jones Jr., Oscar De La Hoya, and Felix Trinidad.

Authentically, Hopkins brought back home generally $10 million for battling De La Hoya alongside $1 million for confronting Sergey Kovalev in 2014.

Since resigning, Hopkins has been a weighty financial backer in Golden Boy Promotions.

Amir Khan

Total assets: $40 Million

Amir Khan is without a doubt one of the most brightened fighters of the 21st century. He has likewise shown to be a clever money manager as of late.

Amir is the CEO of his own special Khan Promotions. He fabricated his own boxing foundation, turned into the co-proprietor of the Super Fight League, and established the Super Boxing League.

In the interim, Khan inked a support manage the game’s driving nourishment brand, Maximuscle. Ultimately, Khan made $5 million from his Terence Crawford battle and $13 million for confronting Canelo Alvarez.

Marvin Hagler

Total assets: $45 Million

“Magnificent” Marvin Hagler battled at a world class level from 1973 to 1987, including being the undisputed middleweight champ between the years 1980 and 1987.

For battling Sugar Ray Leonard in 1987, Hagler procured a check of $20 million preceding assessments. Also, the fighter’s worthwhile support manages brands like Pizza Hut and Gilette.

Roy Jones Jr.

Total assets: $50 Million

During the 1990s, it seemed like Roy Jones Jr. strolled on water. Beside an exclusion, Jones didn’t endure rout through his initial 49 expert sessions.

Allegedly, Roy Jones Jr. made barely shy of $9 million for his battle with James Toney. For battling John Ruiz, Roy rounded up a noteworthy $26 million gross payday. Counting his new battle against Mike Tyson, Roy has made $55 million in vocation income.

Ultimately, the fighter has held supports over the course of the years with organizations like Left Hook CBD and Jordan.

Vitali Klitschko

Total assets: $80 Million

Klitschko is a previous master boxing heavyweight champion turned lawmaker. With a record of 45-2, Klitschko surpassed his elevated promotion.

It’s assessed that the Ukrainian legislator is making around $7 million every year for satisfying his obligations in office. Honorably, the knockout craftsman is on the cutting edges protecting his country as we denounce the Russian trespassers.

Anthny Joshua

Total assets: $80 Million

One of the greatest and most conspicuous names in the game of boxing right presently is Britain’s, Anthony Joshua. The heavyweight claims big-time wins against Andy Ruiz Jr. what’s more Wladimir Klitschko.

Strikingly, Joshua rounded up between $24 million and $32 million for his last battle with Ruiz Jr. In the mean time, he made $13.6 million in his last battle against Oleksandr Usyk and generally $16 million for beating Klitschko.

Likewise, the star flaunts support manages brands, for example, Under Armor, Jaguar Land Rover, Beats Electronics, Sky Sports, Audemars Piguet, DAZN, Electronic Arts, and Hugo Boss.

Wladimir Klitschko

Total assets: $90 Million

Wladimir arrives in several spots in front of his sibling on the most extravagant fighters list. The heavyweight champ had a unimaginable record of 64-5 preceding his retirement.

Klitschko made an absurd $17.5 million for battling Alexander Povetkin back in 2013. In the interim, he rounded up more than $15 million for confronting Anthony Joshua in 2017.

As per Forbes, the fighter makes around $4 million every year off of his supports. Those brands incorporate Deutsche Telekom, Porsche Automobil Holding, and SAP.

Sugar Ray Leonard

Total assets: $120 Million

Sugar Ray’s record of 36-3-1 incorporates triumphs over any semblance of Marvin Hagler Roberto Duran, and even Floyd Mayweather Sr.

The Hall of Famer has been supported by undeniable level organizations like Skechers, Roots of Fight, EA Sports, Ford, Carnation, 7Up, Nabisco, Coca-Cola, and Revlon.

Throughout his vocation, Leonard made an amazing $83.5 million in tote cash. His biggest payouts came against Donnie La Londe and Thomas Hearns when he acquired $13 million for every session.

Lennox Lewis

Total assets: $140 Million

You can’t talk about the historical backdrop of boxing without referencing Lennox Lewis, who battled the greatest names in the game including Evander Holyfield, Mike Tyson, and Vitali Klitschko.

That, yet he avoided losing to any of those unsurpassed greats. Supernaturally, Lewis acquired about $50 million from his battle with “Iron” Mike. In his rematch with Holyfield, Lewis made $15 million.

Also, the fighter has benefitted off of supports as well as corporate securities throughout the long term.

Canelo Alvarez

Total assets: $140 Million

Of the multitude of most extravagant fighters, Canelo Alvarez is the richest of the dynamic contenders. Canelo claims eminent successes over Gennady Golovkin, Sergey Kovalev, Miguel Cotto, Amir Khan, and numerous others.

In his latest battle against Caleb Plant, Canelo brought back home an astounding $40 million. Against GGG, he brought back generally similar figure regardless.

Forbes has announced that Canelo acquires a couple million dollars every year from his supports with DAZN, LVMH, Moët, Hennessy, Louis Vuitton, among others.

Oscar De La Hoya

Total assets: $200 Million

Right outside of the main three most extravagant fighters is Oscar De La Hoya. The incredible figure is as much a money manager as he is a warrior.

Inconceivably, Oscar made $52 million only for his battle with Floyd Mayweather. Also, he made a faltering $20 million for confronting Pacquaio in 2008.

Post-retirement, De La Hoya established Golden Boy Promotions alongside buying a 25 percent stake in the Houston Dynamo Major League Soccer group.

Manny Pacquiao

Total assets: $220 Million

Starting at 2015, Pacquiao’s 25 compensation for each view battles had produced $1.2 billion in income. The worldwide genius is a legislator and a performer as well as being a Hall of Famer warrior.

In a short time of battling against Mayweather, Manny brought back home a satchel of $120 million. Also, Pacquaio procured an ensured $26 million from his battle with Timothy Bradley.

The fighter has held high-profile underwriting bargains all through his profession incorporating with Cleto Reyes, Hewlett-Packard, ANTA, and I Am Worldwide.

George Foreman

Total assets: $300 Million

George Foreman is known as much for his renowned barbecue as he is for what he did inside the boxing ring. All things considered, he was making 40% from each barbecue sold, amounting to about $4.5 million every month at its pinnacle.

Altogether, Foreman has benefitted about $200 million from the item, which is definitely more than he made as a fighter.

His greatest battle satchel came when he made $12.5 million for confronting Evander Holyfield. Strangely, Foreman made $5 million in his incredible session with Muhammad Ali.

Floyd Mayweather

Total assets: $450 Million

Of the multitude of most extravagant fighters, none has filled his pockets more than Floyd “Cash” Mayweather Jr. In any event, for simply battling Logan Paul, Floyd brought back home a $10 million satchel. Moreover, he rounded up around $180 million from his battle with Pacquaio.

He was ensured $100 million for inviting Conor McGregor to the boxing ring. He reliably procures on various occasions the quantity of his rivals when they battle.

Indeed, even huge brands like Hublot, Burger King, and FanDuel paid Mayweather $1 million each to show up on his boxing shorts.

Likewise, Floyd claims a few organizations like Girl Collection, Mayweather Promotions, Skate Rock City, among others.

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