How to complete Testu’s Rise Tower in Elden Ring

Elden Ring contains many riddles and privileged insights that we as a whole are attempting to address. One of these riddles you will find in the Lurnia of the Lakes, which is North of Stormveil Castle. The Testu’s Rise Tower can be seen as only north of Raya Lucaria Academy. This is the way to address it.

Look for Three Wise Beasts

After showing up at the pinnacle you will observe the entry hindered and a book stand at the lower part of the pinnacle. Collaborating with the stand will request that you ‘look for three savvy monsters’. In the wake of communicating with this stand, skeleton apparitions will start to show up. The savvy monsters are turtle spirits, to ‘look for’ the monster, you should assault it and it will vanish.

The principal turtle is situated to one side of the pinnacle entrance while confronting it, on the precipice edge. The Turtle is perched on certain stones here.

The Second turtle is situated to one side of the pinnacle entrance while confronting it. The turtle is off the precipice edge close to a few huge rocks, you should drop down to hit the turtle.

The third turtle is covered up and situated in the up a tree straightforwardly behind the Tower. To observe the turtle, you should assault the foundation of the tree, the turtle will drop out. You will see the turtle show up on the off chance that you have effectively struck the right tree.

What is in Testu’s Rise Tower?

In the wake of annihilating the third turtle the entry to the pinnacle will presently not be hindered and you will actually want to enter and move to the top. At the top, you will observe a chest containing a Memory Stone. These stones are utilized to expand your spell spaces by 1. You don’t have to prepare this thing, by essentially getting it, you will presently have expanded spell spaces.

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