How to use Geela Breisse – Triangle Strategy Unit Guide


Geela Breisse is of fundamental use as your group’s just healer right off the bat in Triangle Strategy. Before others, for example, Hossabara or Narve enter the scene, Geela will be fundamental to see you through the game’s initial not many parts.

Strategies for Geela Breisse

Obviously, Geela’s assault and guard details are low. As the healer, she will appear to be designated more than the others, and you’ll have to keep her out of hazardous domain however much as could be expected. Safeguard her, and see that she self-recuperates with her default capacity, Cure Wounds.

You’ll need to send Geela for each fight, or your wellbeing recuperation things will unquestionably be exhausted. In any case, Cure Wounds has a decent reach, and you’ll have the option to help your partners from security a fraction of the time. Her programmed capacity For Those in Need will likewise give extra HP while recuperating partners whose wellbeing is under 50%.

Geela will next acquire the Haste capacity, which lifts partners’ speed for three turns and may demonstrate necessary in changing fight tides. Next educated, Sanctuary will recuperate various partners inside a reach, and Heal What Ails You will ease any status conditions.

Patch Wounds, advanced as Geela expands her capacities, will give the biggest measure of wellbeing to a solitary partner at the robust expense of three TP (turn focuses). It will depend on you whether to utilize Geela later in the game, however she is surely a recuperating stalwart that will constantly be among your most grounded resources.

Class Promotions and Upgrades

Geela Breisse’s class default is Physician, however she can be elevated to Curist with one Medal of Bravery at level ten. At level 20, she might be elevated to Master Curist with a Medal of Valor. Also, with enough Stone and Coin for the settlement Smithy, you’ll have the option to raise Geela’s Weapon Rank alongside any of your picked details.

You might need to focus on advancement for Geela, contingent upon your favored playstyle-however on the off chance that you like a test, you might decide to keep Haste and her high level mending spells under control. Anything that you pick, utilize Geela’s assets decisively to acquire the high ground.

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