What are traits in Coromon?


There are various animals to get in the beast restraining RPG Coromon. Every one has different contrasts from other Coromon, yet there are additionally contrasts inside similar species. These are called traits. This might leave you thinking about what qualities are in Coromon.

In Coromon, traits are one of a kind capacities that Coromon. Each Coromon can possibly have one of two unique characteristics however can have each in turn. However, you can switch your Coromon’s trait after you get it.

How to change your Coromon’s trait?

You can change your Coromon’s trait to its other choice in the event that it has a quality you don’t need. To change your Coromon’s quality, go to the second floor of the Donar Island Trainer Hub. Here you can observe the Traitformator, which can change your Coromon’s trait.

You should pay 250 and hand over the Coromon you wish to change qualities. Then, at that point, you should walk 1,000 in-game strides to give the Traitformator time to work. Whenever you have strolled this distance, return to gather your Coromon with its new characteristic.

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