What is Survivle? How To Play This Game?


On the off chance that you are famously unfortunate with Wordle, Survivle might be the best game for you. Pristine on the gaming scene, this game provides players with the test of missing the Wordle every day word deliberately to succeed.

What is Survivle?

Survivle is a word puzzle game (made in March 2022) that is really about not speculating the right word. Maker Lazyguyy was enlivened by both Wordle and Absurdle to make a game where the player is really attempting to try not to figure the right expression of the day. Players should in any case figure genuinely, yet, attempt and observe an option in contrast to the right secret word.

How to Play Survivle

The mechanics for Survivle are basically the same as Wordle in that players should type in a five-letter word. Contingent upon how close the player is to the secret word, boxes will become green for right letters and arrangement. Yellow boxes imply that the letter is in the word, yet in a better place. Where it is different is that players need to continue speculating, yet try not to figure the word accurately.

The game powers players to utilize the green and yellow boxes to teach their conjectures. For instance, assuming a player gets a green R in the subsequent spot, the player should figure a R in the second spot for the remainder of the game. To win, players should continue speculating words while entirely misunderstanding them multiple times.

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