All Signal Tower Locations in Horizon Forbidden West


Horizon Forbidden West’s monstrous open-world gives players a lot of exercises to do beside the fundamental story. One of the most remunerating parts of the game is the numerous collectibles that players can view as spread all over the planet. Signal Towers are the primary collectible sort that players will experience in Horizon Forbidden West.

Signal Tower Locations

There are six Signal Towers altogether and every one of them can be seen as generally near one another. They are totally situated in the primary region of Horizon’s open world, the Daunt. The Signal Towers are attached to an early-game side mission where Aloy is entrusted with recovering the Lenses from each Signal Tower.

The Signal Towers can be finished in any request and are not story locked. They can be done after players have finished the game’s primary story. Since the Signal Towers can be challenging to track down and cross, it could merit delaying until Aloy approaches the final stage flying mount to handle the majority of them.

Signal Tower 1 – Lens of Dawn

The Signal Tower containing the Lens of Dawn can be found to the east of Crimson Narrows where players will complete the Deep Trouble side quest.

Signal Tower 2 – Lens of Morning

The Lens of Morning Signal Tower is located directly northeast of the Chainscrape settlement.

Signal Tower 3 – Lens of Midday

Directly east of Chainscrape is the Signal Tower containing the Lens of Midday.

Signal Tower 4 – Lens of Afternoon

Southwest of Chainscrape is where players can find the Lens of Afternoon Signal Tower.

Signal Tower 5 – Lens of Twilight

To the east of Barren Light is where the Lens of Twilight Signal Tower can be found.

Signal Tower 6 – Lens of Evening

Directly north of Barren Light is the location of the Signal Tower containing the Lens of Evening. This Signal Tower is not shown in the image above, but it is located at the circle labeled #6.

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