How to get the Get Your Own Emergency Food! Achievement in Genshin Impact


Get Your Own Emergency Food! is a Wonders of the World Achievement that can be gotten by eating the food as far as anyone knows for others in the Food Delivery Daily Commission.

This Commission can be arbitrarily gotten from Sara in Monstadt. Increment your possibilities getting it by changing your Commission area to Monstadt in the Adventurer’s Handbook. Assuming you botch your opportunity of scoring the Achievement the initial time, don’t stress as Daily Commissions routinely rehash aimlessly.

Food Delivery Daily Commission

Subsequent to getting the Food Delivery Daily Commission, make a beeline for The Good Hunter in Monstadt and address Sara. Select Order for Delivery to start the solicitation. She will either give you a Sticky Honey Roast, Calla Lily Seafood Soup, or Fried Radish Balls, which should be conveyed to clients inside an assigned measure of time (contingent upon the objective area).

You can observe the dish inside the Quest Item part of the Inventory. Rather than conveying it, click Use to eat it and score the Get Your Own Emergency Food! Accomplishment. Later, you can talk with Sara again to restart the Commission and complete it for the standard every day remunerates.

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