How to complete the Millenial Mountains World Quest in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact’s 2.6 Update has presented an extensive rundown of new World Quests for you to finish, with every one giving a touch of foundation or legend to The Chasm. While every one of them are fun smaller than expected undertakings to finish by their own doing, one World Quest specifically takes you on a picturesque forager chase while making sense of a touch of the Millelith’s association with The Chasm-the Millenial Mountains World Quest.

Finishing the Millenial Mountains World Quest

Tracking down Wang and the six Relics

To begin the Millenial Mountains World Quest, first, advance toward the Teleport Waypoint close to the Chasm’s Maw in Liyue. From that point, travel east a brief distance and you’ll ultimately go over a man, Wang, offering his regards and petitions to a dedication for the Millelith.

Talk with Wang to learn of a fortune that has been left behind some place in the Chasm, alongside data about the six relics evidently used to conceal it away. Paimon will be attracted by the appeal of fortune, and promptly acknowledges Wang’s solicitation for assist with gathering together every one of the six Relics. The Millenial Mountains Relic areas are as per the following:

  • One – Warrior’s Spear
    • The Warrior’s Spear can be found atop a mountain to the south of Wang, and to the west of the Tiangong Gorge Teleport Waypoint. This Relic is wedged between a couple of rocks, near two Sweet Flowers.
  • Two – Flower of Farsight
    • The Flower of Farsight can be found atop a cliff to the west of Wang, near the NPC Tang Wuchou and two Qingxin Flowers. Picking up the flowers will unlock the A Cliff-Side Hero’s Past World Quest.
  • Three – Skyfeather
    • The Skyfeather can be found atop a cliff to the east of Wang, hidden inside of the bird’s nest among the Bird Eggs. An eagle can be seen flying nearby.
  • Four – Helm of Warding
    • The Helm of Warding can be found within a house to the north of Wang, and east of the Statute of The Seven. Enter the house and destroy the exploding barrel to reveal a depression in the ground, then investigate the area to reveal this Relic.
  • Five – Sundial of Ages
    • The Sundial of Ages can be found to the north-east of Wang, slightly to the north-west of The Surface’s Teleport Waypoint. Defeat the Treasure Hoarder residing here to obtain this Relic.
  • Six – Cup of Commons
    • To obtain the Cup of Commons, first, make sure you have unlocked the Undetected Infiltration World Quest by advancing through the Surreptitious Seven-Star Seal Sundering World Quest. Once this has been done, complete the Undetected Infiltration World Quest in Lumberpick Valley to reveal a Precious Chest containing the Cup of Commons.

How to manage the Millenial Mountains World Quest Relics

When every one of the six Relics have been gathered, go to Wang and the Memorial Stone. Research the stone and decide to Offer Relics, giving up the things from your stock and opening up a mystery cave to one side of the Memorial Stone.

Enter the cave to track down a really clever compensation as Luxurious Chest, alongside an entire four-star Tenacity of the Millelith antiquity set. Just get your well deserved treats, then, at that point, read the message engraved on the stone chunk prior to detailing back to Wang to finish the Millenial Mountains World Quest, procuring 40 Primogems and three Hero’s Wit simultaneously!

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