Where is the Skydock IV Lost Sector in Destiny 2? Complete Authentic Details!

Lost Sectors act as scaled down prisons where Guardians battle their direction through a multitude of foes to gather their protected plunder toward the end. With the arrival of the Beyond Light development, Bungie presented Legend Lost Sectors. Turning consistently, each independent finishing on Legend or Master gets the opportunity to grant an Exotic protection piece.

Skydock IV Lost Sector Location

Skydock IV can be found in the EDZ north of Firebase Hades in the west. Watchmen ought to bring forth at the Sunken Isles and head under the moored Cabal Ship. Just travel west and search for the passage under the boat. The entry will be on the right, confronting toward the west.

Skydock IV Master Lost Sector Exotic Drops

  • Dawn Chorus: Exotic Warlock Helm
  • Mask of Bakris: Exotic Hunter Helm
  • Precious Scars: Exotic Titan Helm
  • Blight Ranger: Exotic Hunter Helm
  • Loreley Splendor Helm: Exotic Titan Helm

As far as time responsibility, this Lost Sector should be possible in around five minutes while running independent on Legend. There will be Barrier and Unstoppable Champions, so carry the proper mods to counter them. Relentless is effortlessly countered with The Enigma glaive, and Barrier can be closed down with a solid weighty and beat rifle like Bad Juju to pop the air pocket. When you arrive at the last room, you ought to have a Super prepared to shred the last chief.

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