How to travel between Data Centers in Final Fantasy XIV (August 2022) Latest Updates!

With the arrival of fix 6.18 on July 5, 2022, Cross Data Center Travel was at last added to the game. The element permits players to play with companions and outsiders across Data Centers limits. Beneath we’ve itemized how precisely you can go between Data Centers in FFXIV.

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How to travel between Data Center’s in FFXIV

Not at all like Cross-World Travel, Data Center Travel should be embraced from the Character Select Screen. So the initial step is to stack up Final Fantasy XIV, and right-click on the person you need to Data Center Travel with. This will raise the subcommand menu. On this menu, select Visit Another Data Center.

This will raise another menu that will permit you to choose which Data Center and World you need to venture out to. Once affirming, you’ll enter a short stacking screen. This stacking screen is attached to the general sign in blockage, so in the event that there’s a great deal of clog in a Data Center, Data Center Travel will take more time.

Server farm Travel is confined to Data Center’s inside your ongoing area. That implies it’s tragically difficult to go between areas, like North America and Japan.

Returning from your Data Center Travel in Final Fantasy XIV

To get back to your own Data Center, you’ll have to leave back to the Character Select Screen and go through the interaction again physically. You can’t drop Data Center travel during the stacking screen.

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Data Center Travel Features

Players who have ventured out to another Data Center will have another title shown on their nameplate. This is like the “Vagabond” title that seems when you travel to different Worlds inside a Data Center. This title is “Voyager” and will be shown during obligations and keeping in mind that collaborating with the overworld.

While in an alternate Data Center you can communicate with companions, participate in obligations, and keep on gaining journey headway.

Data Center Travel Restrictions in FFXIV

Creating and Gathering

  • Unbelievable and pristine social affair hubs are blocked off.


  • Retainers can’t be brought, employed, or delivered.
  • You can’t put things available to be purchased on the Market Board.

Free Companies

  • Free organizations can’t be framed or joined.
  • Free organization data can’t be seen.
  • Organization credits can’t be procured.
  • Free organization talk can’t be utilized to send or get messages.

Linkshells & Cross-world Linkshells

  • Linkshell data can’t be seen.
  • Linkshells can’t be made or joined.
  • Linkshells can’t be utilized to send or get messages.
  • Cross-world linkshells can’t be framed.
  • It is as yet conceivable to join cross-world linkshells, with a constraint of eight cross-world linkshells per Data Center.
  • Voyagers can’t be elevated to dominate of cross-world linkshells in the objective Data Center.
  • Cross-world linkshells in various Data Centers can’t be utilized to send or get messages.

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  • You can’t see data about cooperations, and you can’t join partnerships in various Data Centers.


  • No houses can be purchased, homes or condos.
  • Home sharing is inaccessible.

Eternal Bonding

  • Functions of Eternal Bonding are inaccessible.
  • Everlasting Bonding journeys are inaccessible.
  • Solicitations to functions can’t be proposed to players in different server farms.


  • In the Gold saucer Lord of Verminion competitions can’t be placed, Triple Triad competitions can’t be placed, and Jumbo Cactpot tickets can’t be bought or reclaimed.
  • Profound Dungeon results won’t be saved to competitor lists.
  • PvP Crystalline Conflict positioned matches are inaccessible, and PvP groups can’t be shaped, joined, or talked to.

Moogle Delivery Service

  • The Moogle Delivery Service is inaccessible, and you can’t get messages or buy things.


  • Endlessness Rings from Ceremonies of Eternal Bonding will possibly work when the two players are on a similar World.
  • You can utilize an Aetheryte Pendulum to magically transport to the closest aetheryte in the event that the two players are on a similar World.
  • You can magically transport to a companion’s domain when you are on their Home World.

New and Preferred World Bonuses

  • You won’t get the experience rewards for visiting New or Preferred Worlds.

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