How to upgrade the Nail in Hollow Knight? (August 2022) Latest Easy Way!

You play as a solitary vagabond in Hollow Knight with just a Nail to help you on your excursion. This weapon will see you through the most obscure and most profound pieces of Hallownest. With such dependence on this weapon, you might be contemplating whether you can update the Knight’s Nail and how to redesign the Nail in Hollow Knight.

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Where to find the Nailsmith to upgrade the Nail in Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight Nailsmith Location

To find the Nailsmith, you should go to the City of Tears. You can track down the Nailsmith’s cottage on the west area of the City of Tears. However, you will require the twofold leap or wall bounce capacity to arrive at this area. This is a significant NPC to find, as the Nailsmith can overhaul your Nail. We have denoted the Nailsmith’s area with a red star on the picture above.

In the wake of overhauling your Nail totally, you have the decision to take the Nailsmith’s life. In the event that you spare him, he will move to Sheo’s Hut in the Greenpath. Assuming you kill the Nailsmith, his body can be found in the Junk Pit in the wake of finishing two Pantheons and talking with the Godseeker.

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All Nail upgrade costs in Hollow Knight

Overhauling the Nail requires Pale Ore. This is given to the Nailsmith, who will then, at that point, work on your Nail and make it more grounded. It tends to be updated multiple times. Here are expenses for redesigning your Nail in Hollow Knight:

  • First Upgrade: 250 Geo
  • Second Upgrade: 800 Geo + 1 Pale Ore
  • Third Upgrade: 2,000 Geo + 2 Pale Ore
  • Fourth Upgrade: 4,000 Geo + 3 Pale Ore

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