Cult of the Lamb gives first look at world map (August 2022) Exciting Details!


Cult of the Lamb is distributer Devolver Digital and designer Massive Monster’s blend of faction test system, city developer, and activity experience game. They have met up to give the first uncover of the world guide players can investigate.

This news comes through the authority Massive Monster Twitter and states, “You can meet NPCs in @cultofthelamb who will lead you to new areas on the world guide! There’s an entire world for you to investigate.” This provides players with a perspective on different areas, like Lamb City, Lonely Shack, and Pilgrim’s Passage.

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There is a notice of NPCs, yet this isn’t found in the real tweet. In any case, Cult of the Lamb highlights different characters you can meet, including cultists, god, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, so it is probably going to be loaded up with eccentric and fascinating characters.

Cult of the Lamb includes a haphazardly created world and roguelike ongoing interaction regardless of having a guide, however this is reasonable restricted to the areas. The world guide ought to continue as before, yet it highlights everchanging regions in each named area.

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