Grand Theft Auto 6 to feature first playable female character (August 2022) Exciting Details!


Rockstar has affirmed work has started on Grand Theft Auto 6, however some new news might shock fans as the designer apparently expects to add the series’ most memorable playable female person. She will be a Latino person roused by the notorious bank looters Bonnie and Clyde.

This news comes by means of Bloomberg, separating the GTA series and how Rockstar has been changing as an organization. These progressions are then reflected in the Grand Theft Auto series, which has prompted the principal female playable person who “will be one of a couple of driving characters in a story.” This might come as a shock because of the idea of GTA, yet it is clearly a welcome one.

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Not much else is had some significant awareness of Grand Theft Auto 6, yet the people who partake in the single-player accounts of the series will have another involvement in a female lead in a made up variant of Miami. As she will be important for a couple of lead characters, GTA 6 might have a comparative design as GTA V with turning characters.

As Rockstar attempts to change its picture, executing a female lead is an extraordinary positive development, insofar as it is given its legitimate regard. Rockstar has shown they can convey heavenly ongoing interaction and stories, so we will simply need to keep a watch out how Rockstar shapes the eventual fate of the GTA series.

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