Catch Me!, a chaotic and fast-paced parkour game, is available for Early Access (August 2022) Latest Details!


Embrace the speedy parkour mayhem with the excitement of label in Catch Me!, presently accessible for Early Access through Steam.

From ByteRockers’ Games, Catch Me! is a 2D platformer that consolidates parkour with the game “Tag.” This intriguing and tumultuous game is currently accessible for Early Access on Steam for USD 5.99.

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The authority trailer for Catch Me! shows players what they can anticipate from the game in regards to the ongoing interaction designs and mechanics, parkour, and the conditions you can play across.

Get Me! is a creative game that networks the adventure of playing tag and parkour. This game is an online platformer for four players to play tag.

Across the different guides in the USA, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, you can utilize the interactable components to impact the world and block off your adversaries. You can stagger your followers, open elective departure courses, close windows, bounce from one rooftop to another, or even surf on the tram. The choices are interminable.

As the sprinter, the point of the game is to acquire focuses by arriving at explicit areas on the guide without getting found out. The chasers, in any case, should get the sprinter. Assuming they do, they become the sprinter.

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Each level has a race track feel where you basically must have fun and be essentially as quick as could be expected. During the Early Access send off, another level will be added month to month, and new realistic substance will be added at regular intervals.

The vital elements of Catch Me! Include:

  • Online confusion and a good time for four players
  • Four guides motivated by urban areas from around the world, with more not far off.
  • A few turbulent interactable components that can change the climate
  • Various characters and skins
  • One of a kind illustrations and craftsmanship style
  • Crazy and fun soundtrack
  • A simple to-learn game that is difficult to dominate

Embrace the high speed parkour mayhem in Catch Me!, presently accessible for Early Access on Steam.

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