Roquan Smith Trade (August 2022) Authentic Details!

According to reports, Roquan Smith requested a trade from the Bears. The veteran defensive end has not signed a contract in the NFL, unlike the 94 non-quarterbacks. Smith, however, is seeking a more veteran contract. If you want to make a trade for Smith, here are some Teams that could make sense:

Roquan Smith’s career stats

For fans of American football, the career stats of Roquan Daevon Smith are interesting to note. The Chicago Bears’ linebacker played college football at Georgia and was the first Bulldog to win the Butkus Award. Smith has been a starter for the Bears since 2013.

Smith’s most impressive stats are his sacks, interceptions, and touchdowns. His career carries a total of 373 tackles and 5 fumble recoveries. His sacks totaled 97 yards, which is not bad at all. Smith’s defense has accounted for many defensive stops, and he has the ability to break down opposing offenses. The statistics below are for his career, and they will continue to grow as he plays for the Bears.

Despite his injury, Smith remains one of the best linebackers in the NFL, and he is on a path to be remembered long after his football career is over. His two-year total of 300 tackles and 30 tackles for loss are remarkable, and he is already on pace to be remembered for his defensive prowess in the years to come. In fact, Roquan has topped the list of tacklers for two consecutive seasons, and has already ranked in the top ten for combined tackles with 193 solos.

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His contract is not in the contract of any of the 94 non-quarterbacks in the NFL

A backloaded offer by the Chicago Bears landed Roquan Smith in a dispute with the team. Although it wasn’t the highest linebacker contract by actual salary, the deal included de-escalators. Other non-quarterbacks make $15 million or more per year. Smith, 24, is in the final year of his deal and is reportedly offended by the terms. He is currently on the list of physically unable to perform players. He is not practicing this offseason as part of the contract dispute.

There are 94 non-quarterbacks making $15 million or more per year. Smith is the only non-quarterback whose contract does not have de-escalators. No one else in the NFL’s 94-player salary cap has a de-escalator clause. It is unclear how much money Smith will make as a free agent, but he’s likely to sign an extension with a new team.

The Bears have plenty of cap space to extend Smith’s contract. Fortunately, Smith doesn’t play the break-the-bank position. In addition, the Bears have plenty of room to spend on other players without causing any immediate cap-cutting problems. Despite this, however, Smith’s first year as a Bear is not without its problems. The Bears have three arrests on their players during the first year of Poles’ tenure as GM, and it’s unclear whether the team can afford to bring in a better pass catcher.

Another potential issue is the proposed de-escalators for Smith and other players. While these proposed deals don’t make Smith the highest paid lineback in the NFL, it still makes him the best player on the team. And given that the Bears are gutting veteran talent this offseason, Smith is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle. The new Bears front office seems to not value the impact he has on the team’s success.

The Bears’ new coach, Ryan Poles, has a vision for the long-term success of the team, and the new regime is trying to make it happen. But without the All-Pro linebacker, winning rebuild plans will be difficult to square. If the Bears trade Smith for pennies on the dollar, it would be the first real loss of the new regime. But if they don’t, then teams in need of linebacker help will be lining up to sign him on a trade.

He is seeking a veteran contract

With free agency looming after this season, the Bears will need to find a way to keep Smith happy and on the team. Smith wants a five-year, $100 million contract to give him more stability in the defensive scheme. If he doesn’t get the deal he wants, he’s not likely to return to Halas Hall. But he’s not going anywhere until he finds a contract that suits him.

The Bears hoped to avoid a holdout by signing Smith before camp, but this hasn’t happened. Smith’s contract is set to expire at the end of this season, so they’ll need to move quickly to reach an agreement. He played in 17 games last season and was selected to the All-Pro second team for a second straight year. In his fourth season in the NFL, he has racked up 163 tackles, one interception, three sacks, four QB hits, and 12 tackles for loss.

Despite his strong play this season, Smith’s recent absence from training camp has been problematic. He’s now a restricted free agent, which means that the Bears’ next big defensive investment is unlikely to come from the current crop of young players. If he leaves training camp, he’ll be out of practice. However, this isn’t a reason to abandon Roquan Smith. The Bears have to prove they’re taking initiative in the contract negotiations and ensuring he gets the deal he wants.

While the Bears have more than $18MM in cap space, they’re still facing dead money that’s worth $27 million over his final two years. The Bears have the option of cutting Smith or trading him to a competing team. But a trade would be a major loss for the new regime. If the Bears trade Smith for pennies on the dollar, it would be an early loss for the new regime. Regardless, it’s better that they offer Smith what he wants than let the situation drag out.

Despite his recent struggles, Smith has been a starter since being drafted in 2018. He’s used to playing in three-down schemes and teams with Danny Trevathan in a 3-4-5 scheme. He’s also been a three-down player throughout his career. In addition to the Bears’ defense, Smith’s savvy has earned him a veteran contract. And his versatility as a three-down player could be a significant factor in getting him a new contract.

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Teams that could make sense in a trade for him

If Chicago is unable to retain Smith, GMs will line up to make a move for him. The Bears have plenty of cap space to handle his $9.7 million cap hit and are likely to consider trade offers for Smith. The Dolphins and New England Patriots are also possible destinations. Teams that want to improve their defense could be interested in acquiring Smith. Smith has already played well enough to earn a contract comparable to the best linebackers in the league. The Chicago Bears will have to do damage control if they hope to keep him.

In Atlanta, the front office has shown interest in the former Bears. With their cap space and future space, Atlanta could make sense in a trade for Roquan Smith. In addition to being a top team, Smith has multiple advantages in a trade. If you subscribe to our daily newsletter, you’ll receive an email alert each time we have a new trade deadline. If you’d like to stay on top of NFL trade rumors, you can sign up to receive the latest trade rumors and fantasy football analysis.

The Chargers are another team that could make sense in a trade for Smith. They already have a good starting LB in Drue Tranquill and are unlikely to rely on former first-rounder Kenneth Murray. Murray has been inconsistent since entering the league and is currently on the PUP list after suffering an ankle injury. A deal with Smith would raise the ceiling of the Chargers’ defense and give them more depth on defense.

With his impending free agency, Chicago will have to pay a fair price for their star LB. Roquan Smith has expressed his desire to be traded. But there is a catch. The team must have a significant amount of trade capital to pursue such a deal. Roquan Smith has a high market value, but the Bears are in a fire sale.

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