Tony Stewart and Leah Pruett entering NFT Orange Comet Partnership (August 2022) Latest Details!

The Walking Dead Collection will feature 500 1-of-1 NFTs. It will also feature 750 original 3D animations and 10,000 generative artwork pieces. How did this partnership come about? It all started when creator Sharad Devarajan, co-founder of Liquid Comics, approached Sonnenfeld about reviving the Dinosaurs vs. Aliens comic series as a movie. Sonnenfeld immediately met with Orange Comet producer Dave Broome, who heads the studio’s CGI clip-making division.

The Walking Dead Collection

In keeping with the Walking Dead’s growing fanbase, The Walking Dead Collection will feature original 3D animations and generative artwork, along with a range of exclusive items and bonuses. With the partnership, Orange Comet will provide its users with a suite of management tools and a user-friendly platform for collecting and trading. The Walking Dead Collection, NFT Orange Comet partnership will debut in time for the show’s final season.

The Walking Dead has entered the world of NFTs, and Orange Comet and AMC are teaming up to create an exclusive Walker Access Pass. NFTs are virtual representations of real-world objects, and can be purchased using cryptocurrencies. The first NFT was launched in May 2014 by Kevin McCoy and Anil Dash. The two creators of the first NFT went on to help the digital currency become mainstream as a means to buy and sell art.

In addition to launching The Walking Dead Collection, Orange Comet will create an NFT marketplace. It will be powered by Eluvio, the eco-friendly blockchain technology used in the production of NFTs. Fans will be able to trade and buy NFTs for a wide variety of products, including apparel, furniture, and more. Those who purchase the Walker Access Pass will receive special access to exclusive The Walking Dead NFT drops, and they’ll get early access to the new “virtual world” when the show debuts in 2022.

Those who purchase the “Access Pass” will be treated like VIPs and get lifetime access to future NFT drops. The Walking Dead has committed to drop at least five NFTs per year. Access pass holders will have access to drops one hour before the general public. These exclusive drops will be accompanied by a series of new products and avatars based on the show’s iconic characters. The access pass holders will also receive exclusive, signed merchandise from the show before the general public.

The Walking Dead Collection, NFT Orange Comel collaboration will feature a number of exclusive items, including 10 3D walker models from the show. Featuring rare and epic versions of iconic characters, the “TWD” collection will feature a limited release that will sell out instantly. This drop is scheduled to drop on Thursday, April 14 at noon PST/three EST. After the launch, fans will have access to exclusive merchandise and be able to participate in “Ask Me Anything” sessions.

750 original 3D animations

The Walking Dead fans will have the opportunity to purchase over 750 original 3D animations on the NFT. This generative art will be available for sale for $50 apiece, while the remaining ten thousand will be available for $275. The NFTs will be powered by the eco-friendly blockchain technology of Eluvio. The partnership with Orange Comet will also make it possible for fans to purchase ultra-rare “Walker Access Passes” for $311 each, which will allow them to buy them for the day and access all future drops.

In addition to its original series, Orange Comet has partnered with AMC to produce a Walking Dead Collection for its fans. The Walking Dead Collection will feature 750 original 3D animations as well as 10,000 pieces of generative art. The Walking Dead is the first of many zombie-apocalypse series to receive a new NFT. The partnership will include NFTs from other zombie-apocalypse series, including “The Biggest Loser” and “Ultimate Beastmaster.” The company has already raised more than $20 million to develop its virtual community and create the walking dead collection.

Earlier this year, Orange Comet announced plans to launch its first 750 original 3D animations for the “Walking Dead” series on the NFT. The first drop is expected a week after the midseason premiere. Additionally, Orange Comet announced that the “Walker Access Pass” will be available for 24 hours and that the team will not release more passes for a year.

A full-service NFT production company, Orange Comet collaborated with The Walking Dead to create an entire collection of 750 custom NFTs, which will be released in multiple drops throughout the final season of the show. The first drop will coincide with the expanded “The Walking Dead” season on AMC on February 20. The collection includes iconic Walking Dead characters, as well as the show’s cast. The collection will also feature over a thousand pieces of generative art, such as comics and social media characters.

10,000 generative artwork

The first drop in the Orange Comet and Stan Lee partnership will include more than 10,000 generative artworks inspired by the hit series “The Walking Dead.” These pieces will feature original animations and TWD characters. Each piece will sell for between $50 and $250. Orange Comet will also sell a special “Walker Access Pass,” which will cost $311 and grant the purchaser access to future NFT drops.

The process of minting a NFT is incredibly tedious and time-consuming. But, the NFT experience isn’t a chore if it has an additional benefit, like a Pandora’s Box reveal or ambient sheet music. These physical interactions, while cool, are a luxury and not a necessity for a digital experience. Moreover, NFTs can be displayed in a variety of ways – on social media or printed onto canvas.

The NFTs created for the Walking Dead show will be available in multiple drops, with the first one releasing in February, coinciding with the second half of the third season of the series. The first drop will feature dynamic NFT animations and generative art pieces featuring iconic Walking Dead characters. The collection will also feature one-of-a-kind ‘Walker Access Passes’ that grant users access to future drops.

The Walking Dead Collection will launch on Orange Comet on Feb. 20, a week after the midseason premiere. Moreover, it will include 750 original 3D animations and 10,000 generative artworks. The Walking Dead Part 2 of 3 is due out on February 20, and the first drop will happen on that day. The first pass will be available for 24 hours, with no plans to sell more than a few dozen for the remainder of the year.

The artists will create these pieces of art using the underlying NFT Collection platform. The NFT Collections begin with a base frame for the character’s head. From there, they will create a set of unique attributes, such as hairstyles, accessories, and colors. The software will then combine these layers to create a more diverse collection. If the artist wants to mint these artworks, they can also sell them on the NFT marketplace.

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