How To Install Motorcycle Helmet Speakers Handily?

Helmets are the protective equipment while riding a bike; that’s why you must have thought about how to install motorcycle helmet speakers? Yes, many riders need to be connected with their friends or an essential agent if you have a whole business to run! You can now keep yourself in communication with your people or even if you want to listen to a soul delighting audio of your choice. However, you need to help yourself excellently avoid trouble installing speakers in your motorcycle helmet. 

While we have plenty of ways that we can adopt during the Bluetooth setup in our helmet, besides regular use, it has become common among many people to carry out a critical mission. Safety requirements and communication beyond the borders become possible with the correct installation of Bluetooth speakers in helmets. However, to enjoy the perks of such systems and ensure that they are fully secure to have while riding.

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How to Examine a Good Helmet for This Purpose?

You should thoroughly inspect your helmet because different helmets have different sizes, styles, gaps, and padding. Find the spot on your headgear at the ear resting spot. It is where you’ll want to set it up. However, most current helmets include a pre-specified place near the ear resting area where you can store speakers, so this would not be too hard to locate.

Removal of the Interior Padding 

Remove your helmet’s face and ear padding; then, uncover the cushions that remain. Take note of which parts go where to ensure that an adhesive with the proper fit is used to accommodate the wireless speakers. To get a flawless, clean base for the device mounting cushions, wipe off each earhole with a brandy cushion.

Speakers That Fit

There are two kinds of intercom speakers. Some have glue on their backs, but most have Velcro. Insert the speakers into the speaker pockets of your helmet cushioning based on what you have on hand. Speaker goods may occasionally be somewhat more prominent than the bag width. 

In such a case, you’ll need to create proper holes in your padding and secure the speakers with glue or Velcro. Assuming your helmet does not have a speaker bag. The majority of intercoms come with a glue Velcro installation. You may attach the speakers to the Velcro install just on the inside of your headpiece. 

Take Note of Inserting Microphone Position

You should also know the microphone because you understand where the whole speaker system is. The mic should be placed near to your mouth, with plenty of room to care for it. Determine the mic’s size, how the helmet rests on only your head, and how they relate to the speaker’s situation using a marker, so you know where to attach the microphone.

Drill carefully coordinated apertures within the helmet so that you may later embed board/retainer screws to acquire the microphone location. It’s ideal if you’re incredibly cautious during this development.

How Do I put Bluetooth on My Motorcycle Helmet?

You must first understand how to install them properly. This short guide will tell you how to install Bluetooth in the helmet. So here are the steps:

Place the adhesive microphone cushion on your helmet’s jawline bar for Full-Face. Attach the wired speaker to the glue cushion and thread its string down the left inside edge of the helmet.

For Open-face: Attach the dual VELCRO cushions for attaching the boom mic on the left face region to the open-face/modular mask. To connect the microphone to the helmet, use the two VELCRO pads on the front and use the flexible cushion.

For Half Helmet: Attach the blow mic to the audio support with the blow mic supporting pack (available separately). 

Hide the Cords Behind the Padding/Lining.

You’re almost there! Remove the interior covering of the helmet with suitable equipment so that the wire gets embedded in the center. It is critical; you cannot leave any wire in the headgear since it will cause problems once you start using it.

How Can I Make My Helmet Speakers Louder?

Bring the microphones nearer to your ears. It may be a straightforward task, although not all bike helmets have the appropriate speaker recesses. The speakers should be placed directly above your ear canals for the optimum sound. Because you can’t relocate the speakers, helmets with designed speakers aren’t acceptable until your headphones get adequately positioned.

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