Periksa Data. Com (September 2022) Legitimacy, Featured products and much more!

Periksa Data. Com (September 2022) Legitimacy, Featured products and much more!

The underneath article will sustain the data of perusers on Periksa Data. Com with related realities.

Periksa Data. Com is a website that collects personal information and detects hacks. It was launched on 23 September 2020. Its launch got a lot of attention on Twitter and soon became trending. This site collects information from social media accounts and detects hacks.

Periksa information is a web-based page that gets and checks the information and assists individuals with being familiar with any abuse or break of any having a place information. Be that as it may, individuals are looking through more about Periksa Data. Com. How about we see more!

What Is a Periksa Data Website?

Periksa is an Indonesian word that signifies ‘checking.’ This site is an instrument to really take a look at information assuming it gets abused. This is a non-benefit association that assists individuals with checking and assist with peopling that are casualties of information taken. This site additionally advances willful work in which individuals can go along to help other people or present new methods for the purpose.

They have a landing page for certain tips that could be utilized while hacking or information abuse occurs. They have additionally shared some news stories on Periksa Data. Com, which incorporates cases and different alerts that incorporate comparative consideration. This site is supposed to be established by the organizer behind the moral hacking local area, Teguh Aprianto.

Given articles have every one of the insights concerning the establishing and organizer behind the site. You need to enter your email ID and snap on CHECK NOW. The site will recognize the issue and hack. The site began to get being used on 23 September 2020. This site was moving on Twitter soon after the send off as they felt being helped in the disturbed circumstance.

Website that secures and checks information

Periksa, which means “check” in Indonesian, is the name of a nonprofit organization that checks and secures information online. The site provides tips on how to prevent your personal information from being misused and alerts you when your data has been compromised. The company also has a Twitter account.


Periksa is a word used in Indonesian and means to check. This tool was created to detect and report data breaches, and it has become quite popular since its launch. The website also contains tips and news articles about data misuse. Founded by Teguh Aprianto, the website is a non-profit organization that supports voluntary work.

Among the reasons for its increasing popularity, Periksa is used by a variety of public sectors and institutions. The company has been in operation for seven years and is committed to safeguarding personal information. It has also received a lot of praise from the public. As of now, it is one of the leading providers of data to the Indonesian government.

However, it has also come under fire from critics. The Perppu Ormas prohibits organizations from developing ideas or beliefs contrary to the Pancasila. In addition, it also allows the government to challenge organizations if they fail to adhere to its guidelines. Thus, the debate surrounding the legitimacy of Periksa Data is likely to continue for some time.

One of the major arguments against Periksa is that it removes due process. Although the government wants to avoid the legal procedure of removing a mass organization, it is required by the law to carry out due process of law. Moreover, the government has the right to dissolve a CSO if it deems it a threat to the state. This process takes at least four months to complete.

Featured products

Periksa, “memeriksa”, and “integritas data” are all words that mean the same thing in Indonesia. All three of these terms are a part of Nirlaba. And both words are a combination of positive and negative. These two words are used to refer to the same type of data storage. A database is considered to be a “data storage”.

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Getting started

Periksa is the Indonesian word for checking, and this website can help you monitor your personal data. It also tracks hacks and informs you if your information is being misused. The website also provides tips and news articles on data misuse, which can help you protect your personal information.

Periksa Data. Com-Legitimacy Check

  • Made On-23/09/2020
  • Terminating On-23/09/2022
  • Address-Known.
  • Protection strategy – It will gather Name, NIK, BPJs numbers, email, portable numbers, and complete addresses.
  • Trust Index-60%, Average Score.
  • Trust Score-92/100, astounding Score.
  • Site Legitimacy rate-58.3, Mediocre, dynamic and standard.
  • Danger profile-4/100
  • Spam Score – 0/100
  • Nearness to the dubious site 27/100
  • Phishing Score-4/100
  • Malware Score-2/100
  • Online entertainment accounts-Instagram and Twitter.
  • Security-Safe and got.

Per the information examination and score assortment, it appears to be that Periksa Data. Com is genuine, and it tends to be relied upon.

Three stages have been recommended by the site in the event that you are confronting hacking is-

  • Change your secret word following doubt of hacking. Utilize a mix of images and characters.
  • Turn on 2 stages confirmation.
  • Utilize a secret key director to store more than one secret phrase in the event that you face trouble recollecting.


The contemporary world forces many difficulties on individuals and society. Innovation carries many cons with masters. In the event that it works on your life, it additionally creates intricacies in it. Yet, where there’s a will, there’s a way. Periksa Data. Com is one such model. This site is a gift and can assist individuals with their odd happenings.

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