Former BBC DJ Alex Belfield Jailed For Five Years For Stalking Jeremy Vine (September 2022) Complete Details!

Alex Belfield

Former BBC DJ Alex Belfield was jailed for five years in the UK for stalking Jeremy Vine. The BBC’s former managers were among the complainants, and the judge imposed indefinite restraining orders.

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Jeremy Vine

Former BBC DJ Alex Belfield has been jailed for five years for stalking the radio presenter Jeremy Vine. Belfield had bombarded Vine with hateful messages and videos through email, tweets, and social media. Vine had previously admitted that he had a ‘physical stalker’, but this was a ‘picnic’ compared to the online harassment Belfield had perpetrated. He also told the court that he had installed security cameras in his home because he was concerned about his safety and feared for his safety.

Mr Vine claimed that Belfield stalked him after finding a video of him in an online message board. The video had received over 400,000 views. Mr Vine also told his teenage daughter to be extra cautious when she went out on the street, and she was moved to tears by the news. A jury found Belfield guilty of four charges, spanning a period from 2012 to 2021. He has been sentenced to five years and 26 weeks in jail.

Mr Justice Saini said that Belfield had weaponised the internet to harass his victims. He said there was no escape for them. He also imposed bail conditions for Belfield. Mr Justice Saini also said that Belfield was a danger to his victims.

Mr Justice Saini said that Mr Belfield’s right to freedom of speech did not extend to ruining the personal lives of others. The judge said that Belfield had stalked people who had no other way out. In addition to Jeremy Vine, Belfield also stalked theatre blogger Philip Dehany. In one instance, Belfield rang the theatre blogger’s parents’ house and recorded the call for his subscribers.

Alex Belfield stalked Jeremy Vine, a television presenter. During the trial, he was called the “Jimmy Savile of trolling” due to the way he harassed Vine. He sent the former radio DJ a series of abusive emails, videos, and messages.

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Philip Dehany

A court has jailed a former BBC local radio DJ for five years for stalking Jeremy Vin – and three other people – for nine years. The judge found that Dehany weaponised the internet against his targets, targeting them online, causing them distress and alarm. The court said that Dehany directed his social media attacks in a negative light, “haunting” his victims with abusive messages.

The trial heard that Belfield had repeatedly contacted victims and made statements about them in emails, tweets, and videos. Although Vine admitted to having a ‘physical stalker’ who threatened him, he said it was a “picnic” compared to Belfield’s online harassment. In addition, Belfield encouraged fans to make hoax phone calls and bombarded victims with messages and videos.

Belfield had stalked Vine after he was sent a video of him attacking the presenter of a YouTube video. Belfield was disgruntled over unjust treatment at his former BBC North job and had a history of stalking others. He later was cleared of stalking Liz Green and Rozina Breen, who both worked at the BBC in Leeds.

In addition to the conviction, Belfield was also jailed for harassing Mr Vine. He bombarded his victims with emails, tweets, and videos and subjected them to constant abuse over a period of several years. The judge also imposed restraining orders on four of his victims.

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