The Spelunky 2 (2020)

The Spelunky 2 (2020)

About Game

In this game, the player expect control of Ana, the girl of the traveler from the principal game, who visits the moon so as to locate her missing guardians. In the game, Ana must explore destructive underground surrenders loaded up with threatening adversaries and traps to gather treasures. At the point when Ana passes on, she should begin from the earliest starting point of the level and lose the majority of her things, however the level would likewise adjust itself through procedural age to introduce new difficulties and ways. Each stage likewise includes a few layers which can be investigated by the player. New territories, for example, the spring of gushing lava, are presented. The game highlights another fluid material science framework, where liquid will stream normally all through a level. Also, the game presents new beasts, traps, and ridable mounts. The game additionally bolsters four-player online multiplayer, with the presentation of both agreeable and serious multiplayer modes.


Investigate ever-changing stages: Remain alert in arbitrarily produced levels that modify their format each time you kick the bucket, which means no run is ever the equivalent – and a new test is continually pausing.

Obliterate everything in your manner: Utilize bombs and unstable weapons to atomize adversaries and make your own way to an exit in completely destructible situations with improved fluid material science.

Make new partners: Bounce installed ridable mounts that can assist you with getting away from deadly snares and speed you through each level.

Bring companions along for the experience: Courageous the caverns online with up to three pals, working together to get away from each level, or deceptively giving up one another for ‘everyone’s benefit.

Released Date

Spelunky 2 is a 2020 stage computer game created by Mossmouth and BlitWorks. It is the spin-off of Spelunky (2008) and it was delivered for Windows and PlayStation 4 in September 2020. The game has gotten positive audits from pundits.

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