Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

About Game

This is an activity experience puzzle-platformer. The player controls the primary hero, an anonymous Prince from a realm in Persia. Conditions are seen through a controllable third-individual view. The camera’s view changes to various positions set off by entering certain zones or performing activities. The Prince can be moved every which way, and he can control huge items, for example, squares and switches associated with instruments. His wellbeing and force meter are spoken to in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.

Prince of Persia

The Prince reestablishes wellbeing by drinking water from pools and wellsprings. Gathering Sands builds the Prince’s capacity, and drinking from shrouded sorcery wellsprings expands the Prince’s most extreme wellbeing. During a few focuses in the game, the Prince is helped by his partner Farah, who fires a bow at adversaries, however her bolts can likewise hit the Prince on the off chance that he wanders into her line of fire. Beasts will assault her, and in the event that she is executed, the game closures.


During investigation, the Prince explores zones loaded up with traps: these snares incorporate spike pits, bolt traps, divider mounted cutting edges and saws, and turning spiked stakes. The Prince’s fundamental logical move is divider running, an activity where he runs up onto and along a divider for a set separation, either to arrive on or bounce off to a stage. The Prince’s other aerobatic capacities incorporate moving along and across edges, strolling along radiates, swinging on and bouncing from shafts, hopping onto and among columns, and swinging on ropes. Huge ecological riddles are experienced during the Prince’s excursion, stretching out over numerous territories in huge rooms. Numerous riddles are agreeable, needing Farah’s support to finish them. In battle, the Prince battles beasts made by the Sands contaminating the Palace’s occupants. A solitary order relevantly set off various moves relying upon position and directional development, while other uncommon moves, for example, a somersault assault and skipping off dividers into adversaries require extra orders. Foes must be killed by cutting them with the Dagger of Time, which gets together the Sands inside them.

Prince of Persia

The Sands the Prince gathers from adversaries and the climate are attached to his otherworldly capacities, themselves associated with the Dagger. The most essential force is Rewind, the capacity for the Prince to rewind time by as long as ten seconds in the event that he commits an error in platforming or kicks the bucket. In battle, the Prince can likewise slow time promptly around him, freeze time for a solitary adversary, and freeze time totally so the Prince can assault his adversaries at extraordinary speed while they can’t move. Each utilization of intensity goes through one Sand Tank, and when vacant, all forces become difficult to reach until more Sand is gathered. All the more impressive capacities, for example, freezing time, are fueled by Power Tanks. Expanding their number opens new Sand-based forces. Beginning with a limited quantity of Sand accessible to him, its ability can be expanded by gathering Sand from foes, alongside Sand Clouds spread around the royal residence. Huge sections of Sand inside the Palace award dreams of future regions and go about as spare focuses.

The Game Boy Advance adaptation imparts essential components to its support partners. Shown from a side-looking over view, the Prince explores the royal residence of Azad utilizing his aerobatic abilities. The Rewind capacity is as yet present to spare the Prince’s life, and is additionally engaged with tackling a few riddles and battling supervisors. New moves and capacities are picked up by the Prince by performing moves and understanding riddles. Farah is included as a second playable character in certain areas, with exchanging between the two being vital to certain riddles. The portable rendition is likewise a side-scroller, including straightforward riddles and traps. The forces connected to the Sands are missing, yet foes should at present be executed by wounding them with the Dagger. There are three foe types: bowmen, flying adversaries, and infantry.

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