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Psychonauts is a stage game that joins different experience components. The player controls the principle character Raz in a third-individual, three-dimensional view, helping Raz to reveal a puzzle at the Psychonauts instructional course. Raz starts with fundamental development capacities, for example, running and bouncing, however as the game advances, Raz increases extra mystic powers, for example, supernatural power, levitation, intangibility, and pyrokinesis. These capacities permit the player to investigate a greater amount of the camp just as fend off adversaries. These forces can either be granted by finishing certain story missions, picking up psi positions during the game, or by buying them with shrouded sharpened stones spread around the camp. Forces can be improved , for example, all the more harming pyrokinesis or longer times of intangibility through increasing extra psi positions. The player can appoint three of these forces to their regulator or console for brisk use, however completely acquired forces are accessible whenever through a choice screen.


The game incorporates both “this present reality” of the camp and its environmental factors, just as various “mental universes” which exist in the awareness of the game’s different characters. The psychological universes have fiercely contrasting workmanship and level plan style, however for the most part have a particular objective that Raz must finish to help settle a mental issue a character may have, permitting the game’s plot to advance. Inside the psychological universes are edits that respond contrarily to Raz’s essence and will assault him.


There are additionally different collectibles inside the psychological universes, including “fantasies” of the character’s creative mind which help increment Raz’s psi positioning, “psychological weight” which can be arranged by discovering labels and carrying them to the things, and “memory vaults” which can open a short arrangement of slides giving additional data on that character’s backstory. The vast majority of these universes finish in a supervisor fight that completely settle the character’s enthusiastic misery and advance the story. The player can return to any of these universes subsequent to finishing them to find any extra collectibles they may have missed. Raz is given a few things right off the bat in the game, one that permits him to leave any psychological world whenever, and another that can give hints about what to do straightaway or how to overcome certain foes.

Raz can take harm from mystically engaged animals around the camp around evening time, or by edits in the psychological universes; because of a revile set on his family, Raz is additionally defenseless against water. In the event that Raz’s wellbeing is depleted, he is respawned at the latest checkpoint. Nonetheless, this must be done so often while Raz is inside a psychological world, demonstrated by the quantity of staying astral projections; if these are used through respawning, Raz is launched out from the character’s brain and should reappear to make another endeavor. Wellbeing and extra projections can be gathered all through the levels, or bought at the camp store.

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