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About Anna’s Quest macOS Free Download

Mythical serpents, witches, savages. Nobody can stop Anna. With her supernatural power, unconventional utilization of torment instruments, a skill for spontaneous creation and the assistance of an obscure fox she simply advances. She communities with the dead, close off the nearby bars lager supply and gets old women in a correctional facility.

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The universe of creator Dane Krams’ introduction on the game improvement stage isn’t pretty much as cuddly as it might appear. Anna in any case, is quite pleasant – or right? Everything begins with liberating talking teddy bear.

Anna’s Quest macOS Free Download unfurls a hand-drawn, troubling story with a decent scramble of self-incongruity.

Anna's Quest

Anna’s Quest macOS Free Download story is about a little youngster called Anna. She lives in a dim timberland with her granddad whom she gets a kick out of the chance to call “grandpa”. Be that as it may, one evening, while she looks for help for her evil and out of commission grandpa. Anna is abruptly hijacked by a secretive lady.

The lady traps her in a room at the highest point of a pinnacle, where she is probed and creates psychokinesis. Before long, she meets Ben, an amnesiac kid who was transformed into a teddy bear by the lady, who Ben alludes to as a witch. Together they figure out how to get away from the pinnacle and trap the witch inside it.

The two show up at the city of Wiederhorn, where there is a wizard (later uncovered to be a sorceress) that might have the option to assist with restoring Anna’s granddad. In the city, they experience various hindrances, including another witch who eats youngsters, an apparition who meanders a stream, and being pursued by illustrious gatekeepers.

Anna’s Quest macOS Free Download, the couple figure out how to assemble the Ingredients the sorceress needs to make a fix, however it turns out the sorceress is actually the witch in mask and the lord’s new life partner.

Anna's Quest

Thusly, she has the imperial gatekeepers capture the children, and Anna is placed in a prison in hellfire under the oversight of the Devil and isolated from Ben. Anna discovers that the witch is answerable for her granddad’s sickness, and the best way to save him is to stop the witch. Anna gets away from damnation utilizing her forces and brains and tracks down that the lord’s palace is currently planning for the ruler’s wedding to the witch.

Anna additionally discovers that Ben is in the palace, kept in a prison cell by the witch as she examines him for data about his mom. Anna later finds that Ben’s mom is Jenneke, who was caught inside the ice at the highest point of a mountain. In the wake of being liberated, Jenneke demands staying detained as it permits the assurance spell she put on her child Ben to stay whole.

When Anna liberates Ben before the witch’s wedding, the purposes for her activities are completely uncovered: Jenneke is the sovereign and Ben is the ruler, in any case the witch captured them and caused the lord to disregard them to permit her to lure him to request her hand in marriage.

Anna’s Quest macOS Free Download, it is uncovered that the witch had made Anna’s granddad sick so she could utilize her investigation on Anna, as her granddad likewise has supernatural power, to acquire the force of Anna and Ben interfere with the witch’s wedding, as Jenneke abruptly shows up, her words infuriating the witch into making an impact of dangerous energy.

Anna utilizes her forces to keep everybody from getting injured, and afterward enter the witch’s brain, going into the recollections of her past. There, it is uncovered that as a kid, the witch, who is really Winfried, Jenneke’s more youthful sister, had needed to demonstrate how science is a methods by which to learn of reality in their reality, very much like enchantment.

Anna's Quest

She was helped by Hans, her stammering companion who concurred with her. In any case, nobody else concurred with her, including her mom, an instructor at sorcery school. While trying to demonstrate science, Hans and Winfried utilize a custom to call Minerva’s intelligence, just to be dismissed by the goddess.

Maddened, Winfriede chooses to go down to the stream where the Weisse Fraunen live to recover a mystical article called the Amber Orb, yet Hans shows up before her, and the waterway spirits suffocate him. As discipline for her activities, Winfriede is put being investigated by the Wanderer, a courier for the Norns to tell the destiny of everybody, and is sentenced to seem as though the beast everybody currently trusted her to be.

Anna’s Quest macOS Free Download, this incorporates her own family, and her mom deserts her as she swears vengeance against them all, even Jenneke.

Back in the present, Winfriede reviews the past as she attempts to kill Anna just to be driven away by her in a token of self-preservation, making her tumble to her demise. Ben recuperates his human structure. Days after the fact, harmony and request get back to the realm, and Anna gets back to her granddad who is presently restored after Winfriede’s demise.


  • Limitless stock with unique space for a child mythical serpent
  • Humble Vandalism
  • Find a Unicorn’s internal magnificence
  • Dark enchantment and supernatural power – this time, not elite to lowlifess!
  • Executions for the entire family!
  • carefree, brave, boss: Anna
  • Exemplary Point and Click controls with area of interest marker
  • Amazing consummation (truly!)

How To Install This Game?

  • Click on “Download” button.
  • Download this game
  • Open the Installer, Click Next and Choose the directory where to install.
  • Let it Download Full Version game in your specified directory.
  • Open the Game and enjoy playing.

If you have any query regarding downloading this game then feel free to ask anytime.

Released Date

According to the latest news, this amazing game is released on 2022. You must have a look at the full version of this amazing game and download it quickly from here to enjoy yourself.

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