McDonalds 66th Anniversary Scam (October 2021) Know The Truth!

McDonalds 66th Anniversary Scam (October 2021) Know The Truth!

Read a comprehensive review on McDonalds 66th Anniversary Scam that promises user gifts just by clicking on a link.

McDonald’s 66th Anniversary giveaway posts on Facebook are tricks. Tricksters had distributed the post on Social media and shared instant messages. The fundamental point of tricksters was to allow individuals to tap on the connection referenced in the McDonald’s 66th Anniversary Carnival post. The clients from the Philippines, Australia, Canada, and the United States who had taken a stab at getting the gifts announced that the site provoked them to fill an overview.

What is McDonald’s 66th Anniversary Scam?

Clients who had tapped the connection were educated that the site guarantees MCDonald’s coupon of $700 as a gift. The message was sent commonly by Facebook clients to their loved ones. Before long it was on pattern. The con artist got the pattern, and soon, comparable posts (more than 2) came up on Facebook.

The perceptible part of the post was that it didn’t divert the client to MCDonald’s true site. All things being equal, one of the presents diverts the clients on msq69ar2.keqingsong com, one more post on McDonalds 66th Anniversary Scam diverts the client to com and the third post divert Facebook clients to msp73fvb.ttzcp, etc.

At this point, you might have the possibility that McDonald’s 66th Anniversary IS A SCAM.

msq69ar2.keqingsong com is evaluated at a 5% trust score; the site is enrolled in China. com is appraised at 31% trust score, and msp73fvb.ttzcp is evaluated at 20% trust score, and it is likewise enlisted in China. Each of the three sites have impressive danger scores. It implies these sites might conceivably take your information from your gadget.

Each of the three sites running McDonalds 66th Anniversary Scam will lapse in 2022. Considering the awful trust scores, every one of the three sites are ill-conceived. By giving the overview, you permit sufficient time for such sites to transfer your data to their area as the malignant site scripts run behind the scenes.

You will get an instant message at first that contains the site connect. When you are on the site, it will provoke you to SHARE the news with somewhere around FIVE gatherings (or) TWENTY companions. This was the word which had gotten out from an instant message to a web-based media bunch.

How to recognize McDonalds 66th Anniversary Scam?

Such messages will offer:

  • A Promise to convey unconditional presents,
  • Guarantees clients a gift just by clicking a connection,
  • Encourages users to click on malicious website links,
  • Redirects users to answer a few questions (or) to fill a survey.

Step by step instructions to try not to be defrauded

  • Try not to click on any connection,
  • Try not to share the message,
  • Try not to enter your own data,
  • Report such messages and online media presents on lawful specialists.


The McDonald’s organization was begun on 15/May/1940. Thus, their commemoration is now finished. In addition, it is 81 YEARS after its foundation. Consequently, McDonalds 66th Anniversary Scam messages are ill-conceived. There was no declaration made on McDonald’s true site around 66th-commemoration presents for EVERYONE. It is improbable that McDonald will offer gifts to ALL.

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