Misirakyat Com Banjir (July 2022) Know The Complete Details!

The guide shares details about the Misirakyat com Banjir website, the portal’s functions and its legitimacy.  

Malaysian individuals are confronting a moving circumstance because of the most noticeably terrible floods. Three days of weighty precipitation throughout the end of the week caused genuine flooding circumstances across eight provinces of Malaysia.

Government is feeling the squeeze for confronting the present circumstance. The loss of life has expanded to 14, with great many harmed people. However the public authority is working, the neighborhood individuals likewise control the circumstance.

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Misirakyat com Banjir is gathering assets for the flood casualties, and everything is by all accounts straightforward on the site.

What is Banjir?

It is a web-based site where individuals give cash and add to an honorable objective. The site was made uniquely for raising assets for the flood casualties, and it gathers assets and cash from individuals to assist the casualties with beating the flood circumstances.

Each penny shared by individuals can be seen on the site as everything is straightforward and constant information is shared. The site just gathers assets and gifts from individuals, and the asset is conveyed to confided in NGOs and Relief Mission Troops to convey food and other assistance to the flood casualties.

How Misirakyat com Banjir Helps Victims? is the stage planned and created to redevelop the separate financial aspects. The stage likewise centers around redeveloping the solidarity of individuals for the 100% advancement of the local area.

As of late, the stage has dispatched a drive to gather assets and gifts for the flood survivors of Malaysia. The site urges individuals to give gifts and assets to flood casualties. The site professes to keep everything straightforward, and individuals can see where their cash has been shared and utilized.

The Misirakyat com Banjir site gathers assets and gifts and offers them with NGOs and Relief Troops to give food and haven to the flood casualties. Moreover, the site likewise shares the information of the assets gathered and where and how they are being utilized.

Is Legit or a Scam?

In the wake of assessing, we tracked down numerous vital insights concerning the stage Here is the rundown of variables that are worth focusing on.

  • The site was as of late made on 26th July 2021, and it is just 149 days old.
  • The domain of the site will lapse on 26th July 2022.
  • The trust file of the site is just 2%, and it is a warning that urges individuals to explore more prior to giving to the site.
  • The site is active via online media, and it has gotten many audits and remarks.
  • It has blended surveys from clients. Certain individuals say that the Misirakyat com Banjir site is bogus, while others support it and its People’s Mission.

In light of these realities and discoveries, individuals are encouraged to research and audit more prior to giving their well deserved money on the site.


The site is additionally dynamic via online media, with many remarks and blended audits. Since the site gathers gifts and assets for flood casualties, individuals need to know whether it is genuine or a trick prior to giving and aiding casualties. We tracked down many subtleties and in view of the discoveries, further examination is required prior to giving on the gateway.

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