Cops Game NFT (January 2022) Find Market Stats, Reward Features

Cops Game NFT (January 2022) Find Market Stats, Reward Features

Do you want to know what Cops Game NFT is? Read out this post and learn the details of how it can help you earn passive income.

Crypto tokens have been in immense interest, particularly after the progression of NFT games. The new P2P game is delivered on the web called cops game. Like other United States and United Kingdom NFT games, it is a thrilling game that urges you to join this endeavor and guarantee the advantages.

The game is tied in with pursuing the hoodlums and gathering $LOOT from them. The more you have tokens, the more you can procure. Tell us Cops Game NFT top to bottom.

What is a Cops Game?

On the web, you will observe a scope of Metaverse games on the web, however Cops will be a splendid spot to partake in the game. There are many spots that you can keep away from while a few regions are alluring called cities. You would have to enter as one or the other cop or looter in this game to gather $LOOT.

You are mentioned to pick your looter or cop by marking. You will enter the game and appreciate acquiring more tokens when you stake. These further assist you with making automated revenue.

Cops Game NFT Price

  • Cost $0.005951
  • Token name-LOOT
  • Market capital-No information accessible
  • Market Dominance-No information accessible
  • Weakened Validation-$34,852,674.76
  • 24 hour Trading volume-$1,448,268.45
  • 24H low-$0.002408
  • 24H high-$0.006924

LOOT supply chain/ market supply

  • Coursing supply-Not accessible
  • Total stock 40,402,226 LOOT
  • Greatest inventory 5,000,000,000 LOOT
  • Market Rank-#3161

LOOT Sales Price

  • Floor Price-2.7
  • Most noteworthy Sale Price-55
  • Normal Sale Price-4.852
  • All out Sales Volume-41,445.01

Who is the founder of NFT Cops Game?

Without a doubt, the subject of the cops game is intriguing and invigorating for each new and existing player to play Cops Game NFT and get $LOOT as cops or hoodlums. While perusing its authority site and Twitter account subtleties, we can’t find the proprietor’s subtleties. Additionally, this game is tied in with grabbing NFTs from different players as well.

You will track down a few cops and cheat choices on Solana, so look at that and pick the marking worth to enter the game.

What compensated highlights will you get from the cops game?

A marked police player can procure 20% Off $LOOT acquired by criminals.
A marked police get half opportunity to take $LOOT from the cheat
A marked steal can acquire $LOOT 10,000 every day in Cops Game NFT.
A marked police will get a half opportunity to take all $LOOT from the hoodlum.
To find out about its foundation highlights, read its whitepaper.

The Bottom Line

So closing the above assertion, the police and hoodlum game is an intriguing play-to-acquire game idea that few players have followed. The game is useful for the two cops and hoodlums, as they can procure $LOOT 10,000 per day. This implies you can make a big deal about this token in the event that you know how to play this.

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