Anniversary Trilogy Bad Bunny (March 2022) Find How To Get It?

Anniversary Trilogy Bad Bunny (March 2022) Find How To Get It?

This article on Anniversary Trilogy Bad Bunny will guide you about this box set and what is included in this set.

Numerous popular artists take out their collections, which a huge number of individuals on the planet love. Awful Bunny is a popular rapper and artist in the United States and different parts. Individuals love their collections and music recordings.

The present article on the Anniversary Trilogy Bad Bunny will direct you on the renowned artist’s box set that has been sent off and acquired mass fame. Thus, assuming you don’t know about this, this article will direct you.

Who is Bad Bunny?

Benito Antonio, famously known as Bad Bunny, was brought into the world on March 10, 1994. He is an entertainer, artist, and rapper. His Music is now and then viewed as reggaeton and Latin Trap. He has teamed up with numerous famous specialists like J Balvin, Daddy Yankee, Rosalía, Arcángel. He appeared with a collection named X 100pre, and this collection was granted Latin Grammy. His different collections incorporate YHLQMDLG, which was additionally granted a Grammy Award.

More on Anniversary Trilogy Bad Bunny

Awful Bunny sent off his collection box set, which gets famous. This box set incorporates the three distinctive collection pictures of Bad Bunny. His fans are eager to arrange this box set. We will share every one of the subtleties of this case set and how you can get this box.

In the wake of getting clincher in the Billboard’s Latin Artist, Bad Bunny has again hit the step as Anniversary Trilogy. It is a 6th LP Vinyl box set. This box set presentations at No.1 in the Top Latin Albums, Latin Rhythm Albums, Vinyl Albums. Numerous well known forces to be reckoned with have unpacked this box set and given great surveys. As indicated by the Anniversary Trilogy Bad Bunny, the Anniversary Trilogy sent off with units acquired with comparable collections of 14,000.

How might you get this Box set?

The methodology to arrange this crate set is exceptionally simple. You can get this box set from the authority site of Bad Bunny that we will share here. A few significant focuses that should be seen are:

  • No applicable and official site was found of Bad Bunny to arrange this. In any case, you can purchase this from other shopping sites.
  • This box incorporates three well known Bad Bunny’s No.1 projects with Vinyl twofold plate pressings. These are El Último Mundo, YHLQMDLG, and X 100pre.
  • According to Anniversary Trilogy Bad Bunny, this multitude of collections are not the most recent hits but rather were on the top show half a month prior.

Accomplishments of Bad Bunny

Awful Bunny has acquired mass ubiquity through his music collections and raps. He has been granted many honors in his fruitful profession. He was granted:

  • Grammy Award
  • Latin Grammy Award (four)
  • Bulletin Music Awards (eight)
  • American Music Awards

Like X 100pre and Oasis, a large number of his collections were among the best Latin Music. He has been granted the ASCAP Latin honor for being the best lyricist.


In light of the Anniversary Trilogy Bad Bunny, we shared every one of the subtleties on this crate set and what is incorporated. You can peruse everything about his accomplishments and how you can get this Vinyl box set.

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