Best Tea Knight Cookie Toppings build in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Tea Knight Cookie is an Epic Charge Cookie who once drove the cutting edges in his childhood. Having acquired a newly discovered enthusiasm in fight, he substantiates himself to be an essential partner against intense adversaries. Tea Knight Cookie was presented close by the Cookie Alliance update, with a pack that fittingly dominates in this game mode.

Tea Knight Cookie Skill and Gameplay

Battlemaster: Inflicts harm to the closest foe (targets Cookies first) and leads the fight on, giving a buff to his partners. There are a few sorts of accessible buffs, and every sort is applied to the Cookie, meeting the necessary conditions. At whatever point an associated Cookie is crushed, the Wrath of the Commander impact is set off. Fury of the Commander can’t be dispersed and piles up to multiple times. At greatest stacks, Tea Knight Cookie will become impervious to intruding on impacts.

Skill specs

  • Cooldown: 18 seconds
  • Single hit DMG: 542.4 percent (+7.38 percent DMG per level)
  • Wrath of the Commander
  • ATK Increase: six percent for the two Cookies with the highest ATK for 8 seconds
  • CRIT Percent Increase: 12 percent for the two Cookies with the highest CRIT percent for 8 seconds
  • First three stacks: ATK +50 percent, ATK SPD +20 percent
  • Fourth stack: ATK +100 percent, ATK SPD +150 percent

Tea Knight Cookie’s interactivity is one of a kind: he plays the “last knight standing” saying, which basically permits him to bargain an insane measure of DMG when more partners kick the bucket. Nonetheless, you don’t need the other Cookies to pass on in most game modes, where survivability is critical.

The main special cases are the Guild and Alliance fights, where getting your group cleared out is the standard. Tea Knight supports your opportunities to acquire more focuses in these intense fights via conveying the group with solo and single-target DPS.

Best Tea Knight Cookie Build

Tea Knight Cookie’s unit rotates around his survivability-his Skill is pointless when he’s dead. Help his possibilities of endurance with a full Solid Almond construct. In the interim, Tea Knight’s best Treasure match is the Insignia of the Indomitable Knights, which was made to explicitly help his pack. Supplement this with DPS-supporting Treasures.

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