How to farm bees in Farming Simulator 22

Bees are practically similar to automated revenue in Farming Simulator 22 in light of the fact that the player is simply needed to sell honey ranges. Bees don’t need any kind of care to keep up with. Moreover, players can start constructing their honey bee ranch when they start the game.

Step by step instructions to purchase bees in Farming Simulator 22

Go to the menu and look down until you see the symbol with three lines. Click that, then, at that point, select the Construction choice. Bees are in their own part.

$19,000 is the expense of one of the most costly colonies of bees in the game. Anything you pick, they pay for themselves rapidly. Your subsequent stage is to pick an area for your bees. You should put your bees near your harvests in the event that you anticipate cultivating also since the bees will fertilize them, bringing about better returns.

Instructions to gather honey in Farming Simulator 22

The subsequent stage is the honey range space, which is the way you benefit from the bees. Honey Palette spaces are on similar menu as bees. Space for honey beds is just $200 per part (one bed for each parcel). Ranges show up on the space consistently, so bringing in cash is somewhat direct.

The more bees you have, the more honey you get each day, however purchasing more bees doesn’t make honey all the more rapidly.

To ship honey beds to a business point, you really want a forklift and a truck. The shop menu has a tab committed to forklifts under the Vehicles area. The first for $37,000 and the second for $55,000 are inside your beginning financial plan. It doesn’t make any difference which you pick, simply utilize a forklift to place ranges on your truck.

The main thing you want to do each day is sell the honey.

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