Who is GAIA in Horizon Forbidden West

Regardless of whether a player is new to the Horizon series or is as yet attempting to recall what occurred in the past game, many might be a piece lost on who this GAIA is and why she is so critical to Aloy’s story inside Horizon Forbidden West. A few different Greek and Egyptian divine beings’ names are raised and talked about all through the start of Aloy’s excursion as we handle onto how she can save Earth. What most players know is that GAIA is what Aloy needs.

GAIA and her primary function

GAIA is a very progressed AI that Dr. Elisabet Solbeck and her partners planned as a method for rebooting the planet after its unavoidable death. Inside GAIA, there are nine distinct subfunctions to terraforming and making a livable planet. Every one of the nine subfunctions has its liabilities to deal with.

The Nine Subfunctions

  • Minerva – Responsible for correspondence and closing down damaging Faro Machines.
  • Hephaestus – Responsible for building terraforming machines.
  • Aether – Responsible for detoxifying the air and air.
  • Poseidon – Responsible for detoxifying waterways.
  • Demeter – Responsible for reproducing the flower biosphere.
  • Artemis – Responsible for once again introducing creatures into the biosphere.
  • Eleuthia – Responsible for restoring people into the biosphere.
  • Apollo – Responsible for showing people and setting them up for the biosphere.
  • Gehenna – Responsible for cleaning a reboot endeavor assuming it is ineffective.

Each inside GAIA’s direction made a few efforts to reboot life on Earth inside the biosphere. Tragically, as what Dr. Solbeck was making was a strong piece of gear, it was vigorously sought after both when the underlying loss of mankind. Because of this, Aloy’s mission to restore GAIA will be very troublesome.

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