How to defeat the Sword Guardian in Vampire Survivors


In Vampire Survivors, there are various manager beasts that bring forth during a run. Other than the supervisor hordes that bring forth on round numbers like eight and 10 minutes, each stage likewise has a considerable 24-minute chief. For Vampire Survivors’ Dairy Plant stage, that supervisor is the Sword Guardian.

To overcome the Sword Guardian, you initially need to endure 24 minutes in the Dairy Plant. This can be inconceivably troublesome, as specific beast waves are intended to kill you inside and out. Ensure you’re utilizing restores and have overhauled you Power-Ups however much as could be expected prior to endeavoring this.

At the 24-minute imprint, the Sword Guardian will generate, and advance towards you. The best thing to do is to endeavor to keep the Sword Guardian inside range, however not near you. Garlic, as usual, is an incredible weapon for endeavoring to kill the Sword Guardian, as it will get the customary foes far from you.

The Sword Guardian is less impacted by knockback, so you’ll need to continue to move. Weapons like the Whip are amazing against this chief, since you can continue getting away from him while assaulting. It should accept you few moments to kill the Sword Guardian, yet don’t defer it excessively lengthy. You just have 6 minutes til’ the very end brings forth and kills you, finishing the run.

At the point when Death generates, any remaining adversaries on the guide are cleared out. Once in a while this may not consider a “kill” on the Sword Guardian, denying you of the accomplishment. To ensure you get the accomplishment, kill the Sword Guardian yourself.

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