How to get the Vow of The Disciple Sherpa Emblem in Destiny 2


The Vow of the Disciple Sherpa image in Destiny 2 is otherwise called the Galactic Magpie seal. To get this insignia, you should “Sherpa” or bring 10 players through the Vow of The Disciple assault. This insignia is like the “Offer a Glass” token that we saw when Vault of Glass went live with the Beyond Light update.

All things considered, players have been detailing an issue with this token. A few players have detailed not getting the seal regardless of helping 10 players through the attack. Bungie still can’t seem to remark on this issue, however they’ll address it without a doubt.

Assuming you have figured out how to finish the necessities for this seal, you should visit the Bungie Rewards page to guarantee it. You will not get an email with the code for this insignia. To guarantee this token, you should sign into your profile on, and afterward head to the prizes page to guarantee the insignia. You have until 31st December, 2022 to guarantee this seal.

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