Vow of the Disciple Loot Table: Destiny 2 Raid Rewards


Destiny 2: The Witch Queen extension saw the consideration of the Vow of the Disciple strike. This attack offers a special arrangement of remunerations, including a Legendary Fusion Rifle, and an Exotic Void Pulse Rifle. Here is the whole rundown of things that you stand to plunder from the Vow of the Disciple strike in Destiny 2.

Vow of the Disciple Loot Table

These are the things that you will actually want to get from the attack until further notice. It’s far-fetched that all the more thing prizes will be added to the attack sooner rather than later. We’ll refresh this rundown in the event that more weapons and reinforcement are added.

First Encounter (Acquisition)Second Encounter (The Caretaker)Third Encounter (The Upended)Final Encounter (Rhulk)
Submission (SMG)Submission (SMG)Submission (SMG)Collective Obligation (Exotic Pulse Rifle)
Deliverance (Fusion Rifle)Insidious (Pulse Rifle)Deliverance (Fusion Rifle)Insidious (Pulse Rifle)
Cataclysmic (Linear Fusion Rifle)Cataclysmic (Linear Fusion Rifle)Lubrae’s Ruin (Glaive)
Forbearance (Grenade Launcher)Forbearance (Grenade Launcher)
Resonant Fury Mask (Helmet)Resonant Fury Mask (Helmet)Resonant Fury Vest (Chest)Resonant Fury Mask (Helmet)
Resonant Fury Vest (Chest)Resonant Fury Grips (Arms)Resonant Fury Strides (Legs)Resonant Fury Grips (Arms)
Resonant Fury Strides (Legs)Resonant Fury Cloak (Class Item)Resonant Fury Cloak (Class Item)

The Class Items rely on your personality. Trackers get Cloaks, Titans get Marks and Warlocks get Bonds. So your Class Item prize will rely on the person you’re running during the strike.

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