How do Glaive Shields work in Destiny 2


The Glaive is an exceptionally adaptable weapon in Destiny 2. Besides the fact that you use can it to assault, you can guard yourself with it also. Utilize the “other fire” button on your gadget to set off the Glaive Shield. Whenever actuated, this safeguard will impede a specific measure of harm from approaching assaults for a brief timeframe.

At the point when you prepare your Glaive in Destiny 2, you will see a little semi-roundabout bar right beneath your crosshair. This bar re-energizes with each effective hit with the Glaive. When this bar is full, you will actually want to convey the Glaive Shield. There is additionally a flip side to this. You should continue to bargain harm while the safeguard is up assuming you need the safeguard to remain. On the off chance that you quit managing harm, the safeguard will drain after a brief timeframe. You should re-energize it before it tops off once more.

Despite the fact that its a hostile weapon generally, your Glaive can be transformed into a protective one by preparing suitable mods. There are a couple devoted Glaive mods that we have this season. The Unflinching Glaive mod can be useful in making your Glaive a guarded one.

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