Where to find Lichdragon Fortissax in Elden Ring?

In Elden Ring, players will run over a couple of NPCs that are fundamental for arriving at specific manager battles. Fia is one such NPC, and players will get an opportunity to fight the Lichdragon Fortisaxx assuming they complete her questline.

The Lichdragon Fortisaxx is situated at the Prince of Death’s Throne Site of Grace at Deeproot Depths. This manager is just accessible in Fia’s questline, and the nearest Site of Grace accessible is Across the Roots. Players should associate with Fia and enter her Deathbed Dream to battle with this unbelievable Dragon.

Subsequent to coming to Across the Roots Site of Grace in Deeproot Depths, travel north and you will be attacked by three of Fia’s bosses. Rout them to interface with Fia, and request that she hold you once again for the Baldachin’s Blessing. She will request that players obtain the Cursemark of Death as a component of her journey.

Procure the thing and take it back to Fia. Cooperate with her, save the game, and return to a similar area to find Fia snoozing. This is the place where players can enter Fia’s Deathbed Dream to battle the Lichdragon Fortisaxx.

Deeproot Depths is an underground zone that can be reached by means of the Great Waterfall Basin Site of Grace situated at Nokron, Eternal City. Rout General Radahn to open Nokron, and advance towards the Great Waterfall Basin Site of Grace. Players can enter the casket at the edge of the cascade to awaken at Deeproot Depths after a cutscene.

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