Are there Gym battles in Coromon?


Coromon is a monster-taming RPG that takes motivation from different games in the class, like the Pokémon series, while carrying out elements of its own. This might leave you contemplating whether there are Gym battlesin Coromon.

The response is no-there are no Gyms in Coromon, and thusly, no Gym battles. This is a notorious piece of the Pokémon series, so you might have expected it here. Rather than Gym battles, Coromon has Titans and Titan battles. These are testing manager battles that replace Gyms.

What are Titan battles in Coromon?

Titans have a great deal of hit places and can bargain a ton of harm. On the off chance that you are not ready to fight a Titan, your group could without much of a stretch get cleaned. Indeed, even with the right Coromon and system, you could in any case lose a couple of Coromon. Prior to doing combating a Titan, make a point to load up on mending and status-relieving things.

While there are no Gym battles, you can in any case challenge yourself by taking on Titans in fight. These supervisor battles are attached to the primary story, so you will wind up going head to head against numerous Titans in Coromon!

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