Ninnies Wordle (July 2022) Know Today’s Authentic Clue List!


This article gives every one of the insights regarding the most recent Mini Crossword puzzle and subtleties on its hint Ninnies Wordle. Follow our article for additional updates.

Is it true or not that you are looking for the Daily little crossword reply? Is it true or not that you are attempting to tackle the riddle? Then, at that point, we are here to furnish you with some help. The game has become very well known Worldwide. What’s more, the frenzy for this game is expanding with each and every other day cruising by.

The game has given an intriguing riddle on May 16. So today, in this article, we will sort out the solution to May 16 Mini Crossword Ninnies Wordle. Follow the blog underneath for additional subtleties.

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The solution to May 16 Mini Crossword

While the players were mistaken for the crossword pieces of information, we tackled one of the signs featuring Ninnies. Indeed, the solution to that Ninnies scaled down Crossword is “Contort.”

As the fame of this game is expanding each and every other day, the scaled down Crossword has brought one more intriguing test with regards to front of its players. The signs were very difficult to address, while many individuals were confronting trouble in tackling the May 16 small scale crossword puzzle, particularly the hint featuring the Ninnies. We have provided some insight regarding the insight into Define Ninnies.

Here Ninnies addresses an absurd, inept or feeble individual.

About Mini Crossword

This is the most popular and the most recent crossWord puzzle sent off by The New York Times. At present, a huge number of players meet up to evaluate this fresh out of the box new word puzzle.

Small Crossword is an internet based crossword puzzle game that has circulated around the web with its imaginative methods of word difficulties. It gives different insights in view of which players need to figure the right response. This game is allowed to work.

It offers different crossword challenges each day, which once in a while gets very confounding, as it occurred on May 16, piece of information Ninnies Wordle.

Hints of Mini Crossword May 16

While each day, this smaller than expected crossword game offers testing crossword puzzles, List down a portion of the hints of May 16 Mini Crossword:


  • “Material explosion” is the main crossword hint.
  • “Its Noah, while setting Two with Ark” is the subsequent crossword piece of information.
  • “The releasing sound when the air emerges from a tire” is the third crossword sign.
  • “Tropical Cocktail Rum” is the fourth crossword piece of information.


  • “Ninnies” is the fifth crossword piece of information.
  • “Lined paper logo in iPhone application” is the 6th crossword piece of information.
  • “It’s a crate of First Aid” is the seventh crossword hint.
  • “Hookup with Guitar” is the eighth crossword piece of information.

Was Mini Crossword Clue Ninnies Wordle intense to get it?

May 16 Mini Crossword pieces of information were very confounding, particularly the players viewed Ninnies hint as very hard to comprehend. What’s more, assuming that you are new to crossword puzzles, you ought to check this most recent Mini Crossword game out.


The May 16 Mini Crossword signs were very befuddling, and this article gives all the data. To find out about Mini Crossword on May 16, click on this connection.

The above article gives every one of the insights concerning the May 16 Mini Crossword and further subtleties on the response of the hint featuring Ninnies Wordle, which will help each short Crossword player to grasp it.

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