How to fast travel to your base in V Rising? Know The Easy Way!

To quick venture out to your base in V Rising, you should utilize one of the numerous Vampire Waygate areas on the guide. You can track down these areas by going to their remarkable green door symbols. You will likewise have to move to the top and track down the door. At the top, find the Waygate and hold the F key to open the quick travel menu.

Vampire Waygate can assist you with getting to your base rapidly, yet provided that you assembled a Waygate at your base. To construct a Vampire Waygate, you should initially kill Polora the Feywalker. In the wake of killing Polora, you will actually want to assemble the Vampire Waygate. Once made, you can then utilize it to magically transport back to your base in V Rising. To magically transport back to your base, open the quick travel menu at one of the public Vampire Waygates and afterward track down the Waygate symbol at your base and snap it.

How to construct a Vampire Waygate in V Rising?

In the wake of opening the Vampire Waygate, you can assemble one by opening the Build menu while inside your base. You can open the Build menu by squeezing the B key. In the wake of opening the Build menu, you can assemble a Vampire Waygate by tracking down it under the Exterior segment of the Build menu. Building a Vampire Waygate will cost the accompanying assets:

  • 100 Blood Essence: You can get Blood Essence by farming enemies or making it from hearts and other materials inside a Blood Press.
  • 20 Planks: You can make Planks in V Rising by chucking Wood Logs into a Sawmill. 
  • 20 Copper Ingots: You can make Copper Ingots inside the Furnace using Copper Ore.
  • 10 Gem Dust: You can make Gem Dust by breaking down various gems or by mining Gem Nodes in V Rising. 
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