How to repair gear in V Rising? Know The Complete Details!

Your stuff will get harmed in V Rising when you are out battling foes and when you kick the bucket. It means a lot to keep your stuff in great quality to allow yourself the best opportunity of enduring the day. This is the way you fix your stuff.

You’ll know when bits of your stuff are harmed when a symbol shows up over your blood pool of that shows its leftover quality. The stuff piece will show up as yellow from the get go and afterward become red when the strength is incredibly low. To fix your stuff you should open your stock (tab) and drift over the harmed thing.

Floating over the thing will show you its excess strength and the materials expected to fix it. Assuming you have the necessary materials, you can fix the thing by squeezing the center mouse button, as demonstrated by the button prompts at the lower part of the stock screen.

Your stuff is basically harmed from vanishing on the planet, it means quite a bit to keep your stuff quality high to handle a portion of the harder difficulties in the game. Think about supplanting old stuff with better stuff if conceivable instead of fixing it to save the material expense.

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