Pokémon Go teases new addition Nihilego and matching outfit (July 2022)

Pokémon Go has authoritatively prodded the Ultra Beast Nihilego, close by some new symbol gear!

Pokémon Go just delivered a short trailer for the new expansion Nihilego, a strange jellyfish-looking Pokémon, and some symbol garments to coordinate.

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Here is the tweet from Pokemon Go’s true feed, with a fifteen-second trailer:

Pokémon Go is continually pushing new satisfied, and with the in-person celebration coming up in Berlin, the game hasn’t lost any steam.

Beside the new Pokémon, players will likewise get to a total new outfit. It certainly makes them interest lines and varieties, which support a supernatural feel. That recognizes the new stuff from a portion of the more basic outfits in the game.

More current fans might be uncertain about Nihilego itself. It isn’t really a unique plan for the game, and as of now has a rich origin story to breakdown.

Who’s that Pokémon? Nihilego explained

Nihilego is a stone toxin type from Gen VII, which incorporated the games Sun and Moon. You could likewise remember them from the anime, where the secretive parasite projects deceptions, understands recollections and recuperates individuals. It additionally appears in Super Smash Bros. Extreme as a soul.

The Pokémon is thought of as an “Ultra Beast”, which incorporates ten other Pokémon that come from another aspect. They’re known to go through Ultra Wormholes, and individuals have ordered them in-game as “UB-X”, where Nihilego is UB-01.

Since Nihilego is in a real sense the first of many, they may very well be the start in Pokémon Go, and the other Ultra Beasts may be joining the game at some point.

Fans have been to some degree isolated about the simple idea of Ultra Beasts, however the mix of effortlessness, secret and risk from the jellyfish configuration makes Nihilego a convincing expansion. Enthusiasts of different jams like Tentacool and Frillish ought to be satisfied.

Players can anticipate that Nihilego’s moves should incorporate a great deal of toxic substance, as in Gen VII the normal moveset from stepping up included signature assaults like Venom Drench and Venoshock.

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