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Behind, so to speak Crossword Clue [Solved]

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Answer : LACUNA

lacuna, lacune, lacunae, lacunal, lacunas, lacunary, lacunate – n 

an empty space or missing part 


crunch, dearth, deficiency, deficit, drought (also drouth), failure, famine, inadequacy, inadequateness, insufficiency, lack, paucity, pinch, poverty, scantiness, scarceness, scarcity, shortage, undersupply, want


“She found a lacuna in the historical record.”

“attributes many of the nation’s problems to a lacuna of leadership at the top”


Exploring the etymology of lacuna involves taking a plunge into the pit – or maybe a leap into the “lacus” (that’s the Latin word for “lake“). Latin speakers modified “lacus” into “lacuna,” and used it to mean “pit,” “cleft,” or “pool.” English speakers borrowed the term in the 17th century. Another English word that traces its origin to “lacuna” is “lagoon,” which came to us by way of Italian and French.

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